October 02, 2010

Another old & rare TEB radio session available now!

Thanks to great TEB fan and musician Sedayne, we have now another old rare TEB radio recording available from BBC "Sound of the Seventies", played on June 18th, 1970 by the glorious, incomparable line-up with Sweeney, Minns, Coff and Smith. 

TEB 1970: Sweeney, Smith, Minns and Coff.
The tracks, partially known in the last months through a YouTube video titled "The Sea" (watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UglnfqXuhJg ), are: 

1. "Dog Evil" (a.k.a. "Mosaic") - 6.50
2. "The Sea" (a.k.a. "Air") - 8.17
3. "Water" - 2.51

and offer a very peculiar incursion in an unfamiliar land of band repertoire.

You can download the tracks in MP3 format at:
no©2010 Luca Ferrari


  1. Great! The unique and magical Third Ear music!
    I think The Sea is the alternative title of Water, isn't it?
    Thanks a lot to Sean for sharing!

  2. Hey! I recognise that photo!Are you going to
    reveal the Zig-Zag article that goes with it?
    Will Hulbert

  3. No, I haven't got it... but if you've it I could put it in the archive...

  4. The source for that session has the title S.E.A - no idea what it stands for but the piece is most definitely a version of Air. DOG EVIL is a puzzler too - both words can be reversed to GOD LIVE, but again it's clearly a reworking of MOSAIC. The music evolves as 'Trees, Grass or Crickets' - in these recordings, IMHO, we have its essence!

  5. Right, "SEA" is definitely a different version of "Air". About "Dog Evil" I didn't know anything about it, but listening to the track I'm agreed is a new elaboration of "Mosaic"... In the next weeks I'll put in the archive "Raga in D", from the very first TEB session, and you'll listen the REAL ESSENCE of the band!!!

  6. Are you interested into writing an essay about TEB music for this archive?
    It'd be a real pleasure to read a your personal analysis about it...

  7. Cool. I'm planning a few such personal 'paeans' to the generally uncelebrated musicians of this planet whose work has made this life worthwhile (such as RENE ZOSSO) so a Third Ear piece will be a joy...

  8. It looks these links don't work anymore... or it's my pc?

  9. OK Sedayne, so I'll consider your a promise...

  10. "New Forecasts From The Third Ear Almanac" re-upped here -


    Pages keep disappearing from this site, though - a shame, I was really looking forward to reading the Unhinged interview with Glen. Could you repost it please Luca?

  11. The "Unhinged" interview will be posted here soon. I've got some technical problems (and better news to put in) but I hope to work it out...