October 18, 2020


[Note: this is the last part of three related to the period 2017-2020. The first part (from 1966 to 1971) is available HERE; the second one (from 1972 to 2016) is available HERE]. 



- "Brain Waves" CD reissue with Carolyn Looker's original cover and booklet notes by Luca Chino Ferrari. In the CD included also a bonus-track 


7th - Arranger, producer, musician Paul Buckmaster passed away at his home in Los Angeles.

Read the sad news on Ghettoraga Archive here: https://ghettoraga.blogspot.com/2017/11/paul-buckmaster-passed-away-yesterday.html

Obituaries by the press here: https://ghettoraga.blogspot.com/2017/11/paul-buckmasters-obituaries.html

Paul Buckmaster at Air Studios during E. John's "Made in England" sessions, February-April 1994 (photo by John F. Higgins)



23rd - "Third Ear Band" reissued in a 3 CD remastered and expanded edition by Esoteric Recordings. Booklet notes by Luca Chino Ferrari.

A philological analysis by LCF here: https://ghettoraga.blogspot.com/2018/12/the-third-ear-band-cds-unrealised.html



- "Music from Macbeth" original album reissued in a remastered and expanded CD edition by Esoteric Recordings (PECLEC 2656). Booklet notes by Luca Chino Ferrari.



29th - "Alchemy" original album reissued in a remastered and expanded 2CDs edition by Esoteric Recordings (PECLEC 22668). Booklet notes by Luca Chino Ferrari.

Read a critical review by LCF here: https://ghettoraga.blogspot.com/2019/05/alchemy-remastered-edition-critical.html

- A 3CDs anthology boxset of British folk is published by Cherry Red records/Grapefruit with the title "STRANGERS IN THE ROOM ~ A JOURNEY THROUGH THE BRITISH FOLK ROCK SCENE 1967-73".

Among great musicians and bands as Michael Chapman, Pentangle, Trees, Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, Dando Shaft, C.O.B., Strawbs, Heron, Bridget St. John, on disc  2 also the Third Ear Band with "Fleance".


31th - "The Magus" original album (originally edited in 2004 in CD only) is reissued by Tiger Bay in a 12" vinyl edition format (as TB6430).


27th - "Alchemy" vinyl 180gr edition released by Esoteric Recordings (PECLECLP 2668).



Luca Chino Ferrari's book on the TEB titled "Glen Sweeney's Book of Alchemies. The life and times of the Third Ear Band, 1967-1973" is published and distributed by November Books (Reccomended Records).

Read the publisher's press release  HERE.


- Original "Music From Macbeth" is reissued in a vinyl edition (with insert) by Spanish label Munster Records. Liner notes by Fernando Naporano.

Read LCF's review of the record here: https://ghettoraga.blogspot.com/2020/09/macbeth-vinyl-edition-out-now.html

- Two extraordinary videos of the TEB from a TV appearance in October 1972 taken from ILEA (Inner London Education Authority) archive, appeared on a YouTube channel. The peculiarity of these excerpts is that this is the only existing video thing of Mike Marchant and Peter Pavli with the band.

Read a review and watch the videos here: https://ghettoraga.blogspot.com/2020/09/extraordinarly-amazing-teb-tv.html

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