January 20, 2017

BBC Radio 6 aired TEB's tracks from "Alchemy".

On December 14th, 2016 BBC Radio 6 Stuart Maconie played some TEB's tunes on his programme "Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone".

Here's the press release at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b084p0h5

“Stuart Maconie travels to the furthest flung corners of left-field music to create a playlist that makes you rock back on your heels with the sounds of newness and difference. Celebrating the best in psychedelia, adventurous electronica, avant-rock, cosmic creations, progressive, drone and general weirdness from across the decades. This week Stuart features Third Ear Band's 1969 album Alchemy which combines Eastern and Western chamber music traditions. Plus new music from Turner Prize Winner Martin Creed, a Toronto octet called Film In Music and five short miniatures from Euros Childs”. 

Tracks aired: "Ghetto  Raga", "Area Three", "Druid One" and "Stone  Circle".


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January 14, 2017

How Roberto Musci's "Mosaic" is going?

Asking Roberto Musci how his great tribute to the Third Ear Band is going, he replied me: "I haven't news about my record, but going around in the Internet I've read some good reviews on English and Japanese sites".
Here below there are some pages I've found:

http://www.blogfoolk.com/2016/12/roberto-musci-mosaic-tribute-to-third.html (in Italian)
http://www.waysidemusic.com/Music-Products/Third-Ear-Band-Roberto-Musci-Mosaic__25-USD-CD-HST411.aspx (in English)
http://www.thirdear.co.jp/SHOP/PYEUT008.html (in Japanese)
http://diskunion.net/progre/ct/detail/XATW-00140760 (In Japanese)

Roberto's tribute to Our Holy Band is one of the more intriguing and creative project I've ever listened to. Ghettoraga Archive is proud to have support this record since the very first stages of its creation process...

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January 06, 2017

New book on Glen Sweeney almost ready!

Since the last October I'm editing with Carolyn Looker the book on Glen Sweeney's poems, lyrics, interviews, aphorisms, drawings, photos and the work is almost finished...A specific section wil have memories of Glen by some of his old friends and/or musicians who played with him as Dave Tomlin, Pete Brown, Paul Buckmaster, Lyn Dobson...

Carolyn has sent me lot of rare photos of Glen, taken in different moments of his life. One of them, in particular, shot in 1970, shows him and Carolyn with their close friend Celia Humphris, at the time singer of the fabulous Trees and wife of radio DJ Pete Drummond

Glen in Greece, 1978.

I'm very proud of this book, also because I've tried to collect all the main things written by (or about) Glen and it seems a very good tribute to his long unique career.
Also, I'm very glad the book will be printed by Gonzo Multimedia and all the design will be done by talent Martin Cook!

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