February 01, 2021

New Italian magazine review on the TEB book!

Here's is the first (and probably the only one) review on the TEB book published on Italian monthly magazine "Rumore" #349 (February 2021). 

Thanks  to Alessandro Besselva Averame for his kind attention.


English translation:

Glen Sweeney was an unusual character, even by the standards of a time when almost everything was unusual; he was a bit mystic and a bit trickster, an experimenter of ways and worlds, a man of another era (it seems that he was 45 years old in 1969 when the apocryphal and ancestral raga of his Third Ear Band made their debut). It's a great challenge to tell his story, and Luca Ferrari, a freelancer who has always been interested in heretics and outsiders, succeeds in doing so, drawing on the materials of the boundless online archive on the English band, which he has been feeding for a decade, ghettoraga.blogspot.com.
The book, in English, collects interviews with Sweeney (who died in 2005), his writings, illustrations, photos, correspondence with the author (responsible in the '80s for a brief reunion of TEB) and testimonies of anyone who crossed the path of this syncretist who perceived every single percussive beat "as if it were a symphony".  He provides at the same time a nice cross-section of the British underground '60s and '70s. Manic chronology and video/discography also attached a CD with unreleased recordings of the '70-'71. 

Alessandro Besselva Averame

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