October 04, 2014

"Abelard and Heloise" short TV film update.

Ernst Fuchs & Yoko Ono
Hi TEB folks,
Ghetto Raga has got a kind reply about the way to get a copy of the legendary 1970 short film "Abelard & Heloise" directed by George Moorse with the soundtrack recorded by Glen Sweeney and C. live in the studio (read here).

Even if the film is not available in any official video format, as for the 1971 German TV clip (read here) you can ask NDR to buy a DVD-R of it for €40 (taxes and P.P. included) payble through the bank. 

E. Fuchs, "The Glorious Rosary" (1954-1961)

For arrangements write to:

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October 01, 2014

"Beat Instrumental" interview with Sweeney and Coff on September 1969!

Here's another rare and precious contribute to the knowledge of TEB's history due to Beatchapter of London (bless you Mr. Jon Limbert!). This time in his archive he has found for us an old "Beat Instrumental" piece published on September 1969 with an unusual interview with Glen Sweeney and Richard Coff.
Just after the important appearance at Rolling Stones' Hyde Park concert and at Isle of Wight Festival (with the legendary return of Bob Dylan) TEB talks about its music and the reactions of audience...


 Beatchapter - 49 Sebert Road, Forest Gate - London UK E70NJ
ph.: 020 85194590     e-mail: sales@beatchapter.com 

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