October 14, 2010

A new unrealised little cameo from the 1971 Balham recording sessions: a remake of "Air".

If (but when?) Mr. Denim Bridges would decide to produce a brand new record with the unrealised 1971 TEB tracks recorded in Balham Studios, we'd listen to this wonderful  3.25 remake of "Air", here just a rough sampler stolen with my Panasonic RQ-L30 mini cassette recorder during a private audition from Bridges' MySpace.

Denim Bridges in 2007 (?).
Despite the bad sound quality, you can appreciate now the very fine melodic flavour of Paul Minns' oboe on the repeated beautiful chorus and the great improvisations  of Buckmaster and the same Bridges...

Download and listen to "Air" at  http://rapidshare.com/files/424025668/Air_1971.mp3

no©2010 Luca Ferrari


  1. You lovely man Luca! Keep 'em coming - please post them all!

  2. That's too beautiful for words. Cheers, Luca.

  3. Unfourtunately, the vein is working out... For some strange problems I've deleted ALL the remaining four tracks!
    Anyway, I'll intend to post the unrealised 1968 track recorded by the TEB with Ben Cartland, "Raga in D", a real masterpiece!
    Soon, I'll publish in the Archive also a piece on Denim Bridges with his address, where all the fans can write to ask him to edit the record with the Balham sessions...

  4. Raga in D keenly awaited; it'll be nice to add it to the seminal National Balkan Ensemble pieces (of which Jason's Trip remains the quinessential pastoral Third Ear music).

    Shame about those files though - let's hope Denim Bridges is open to persuasion.