October 22, 2010

"New Forecasts from the Third Ear Almanac" available again on the Net for free downloading.

For years deleted, you could get again the rare recording of "New Forecasts from the Third Ear Almanac", a limited edition official tape (not a bootleg!) produced in Italy by A.D.N. Records of Milan in 1989: it is the complete concert TEB played at Teatro Impavidi of Sarzana (SP) on January 11th, 1989 during the second Italian tour - "The Peanuts Tour" as Sweeney loved to call it because the scarce moneys gotten. That concert, done in a beautiful tiny theatre by a great line-up (Sweeney, Carter, Dobson and Smith), was managed by a young and kind TEB fan, Luca Iani: you can see here the pretty original concert poster (in Italian: "The return of a legend"...).

A.D.N. promo ad
This is the concert track-list:
 1. "Egyptian Book of the Dead" (10.05)
2. "Third Ear Raga" (14.05)
3. "Live Ghosts" (12.50)
4. "Witches Dance" (10.00)
It was mine the idea to use a Mario Balestrieri's work for the cover. Balestrieri is an old artist, he's living in Cremona, my smalltown (the famous Stradivari's town). 
During that second tour the band stayed here for few days, having a day off concert in a small club in Piacenza ("Tuxedo Club", a videotape of it does exist...). 
This is the link (thanks to Simon!) to download the beautiful concert: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RTQKHA6Z.

no©2010 Luca Ferrari


  1. One of my favourite TEB albums - Ursula's violin playing is a delight throughout. You got that picture of the gig, Luca? I know it's around here someplace!

    Any chance of seeing the Tuxedo Club video up on YouTube one day??

  2. No photos from that gig, but I think one day I could put the video here, somewhere...
    I have to find the time to ask Gigi Brescian i about all the tapes (audio and video) taken from the gig the band played in Bergamo area during the Eighties...
    But... what about your essay on the Thirds you promised me?

  3. Wasn't there another late 1980s concert seeded on Dimeadozen or somewhere similar recently? I don't have torrenting facilities myself; did anybody manage to catch it, and if so, any chance of an upload here?

  4. Would that be the Club Dog gig? It's a belter - I'll put it up someplace soon - watch this space!

    I'll get onto the essay asap, Luca - bad health right now; these posts are all my brain can cope with!

  5. Don't worry, dear Sean. The important thing it's that you don't forget about it.
    I think that 'our' anonymous means just the Piacenza gig... It's been uploaded some months ago somewhere, but I don't remember where (you have to search a file in this archive...). Anyway, if I remember well, not a great gig... The band was really tired and it was a day off gig... Just a filler in a very good tour...

  6. Please post both Club Dog and Piacenza if you have them. High bitrate please, if poss. Thanks! Does anyone have any more bootleg TEB? If so, don't be shy!

  7. I'll get round to Club Dog in a few days...

    Meanwhile - a Third Ear Dream last night night in which Ursula Smith was doing a solo tour of Third Ear Music and asked me to be the drummer. This meant sitting behind her on stage playing Glen's rhythms whilst she improvised to her hearts content a la Tristan Honsinger. Thing is, I recorded some of this on my H4 and it became highly sought after...

    So how about it Ursula? Frame drum & cello duets in honour of Tertius Auris???

  8. Very soon I'll tell to Ursula about your dream and the proposal to play with her. I'll have an interview with her about the old days, so I'll be in touch with Steve and Ursula quite soon...