June 02, 2020

TEB book publication: the very last update!

Dear TEB aficionados and lovers,
publisher Recommended Records told me the definitive date of publication of the book: 30 June 2020

Finally, just in these few hours, we have finished all the proof checks and the 268 pages/photos/CD attached are ready for print.
Here’s a link to ReR site for ordering the book:

So I ask you to promote this little project born as a tribute to the band, an effort that consists of the main stuff collected by myself during the past twenty years:

- the full unrealised Glen Sweeney's body of poems (intended for a specific autobiographical book he projected);
- Glen's writings and manifestos about TEB music;
- the main (more interesting) interviews Sweeney did with the press;
- memories/interviews with many musicians and people involved in TEB story; 
- a full audio/videography;
- a day by day calendar of events related to the band;
- a CD with six unrealised tracks recorded by the band in 1970-1971 for the announced and never realised album The Dragon Wakes;
- a lot of photos of the band, gig posters and flyers  (with some never seen before).

Usually, I don't like the 'definitive' tag  to describe a book or an artistic work, and I hope that in the future other authors/editors can write different things about the TEB; but I'm very proud of this and I sincerely hope you can appreciate it.

Of course, the book is dedicated to the memory of all the TEB musicians and people related who passed away in the last years. A particular great thank to the kind persons who was involved with stuff and suggestions to this archive and the book (there's a list on the book): their strong interest and passion for the band was a decisive push for my decision to edit a new book.

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