June 17, 2014

Denim Bridges talks about the unknown 1971 German TV video...

I've asked Paul Buckmaster and Denim Bridges to help us to rebuild the origin of the video excerpt recently emerged from the Web. If Paul admits: "I have no idea what this session was; don't recognize the studio, and don't remember the piece, and it certainly is not from the Macbeth movie score", Denny's memory is precise and he explains this:

"The video was filmed at Studio 3 at EMI Abbey Road. The date of February 1971 is close if not correct. The session definitely had nothing to do with the Macbeth project.
For future reference it is definite that all the performances (all work on 'composition', and in rehearsal) at the Balham location was never filmed".

"I don't know why the session was held although I do remember it. I was never included in those matters. I hope the purpose will be discovered now the video is on the Internet. Because of the faux wind sound (from Simon's VCS3 I think) and the fact the Paul Minns played something reminiscent of the opening to 'Air' off the 2nd LP I'm assuming the track is supposed to be 'Air'. The performance soon departs from the above mentioned version but with cello being replaced by both bass guitar and guitar that might be expected. That is also (probably) to be expected as TEB was primarily an improvisational band". 

Denim Bridges on stage in 1970.

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June 12, 2014

Wonderful short 1971 TEB video found on the Web!

This wonderful unknown video emerged recently from the Web at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1F74SlICW-k thanks the fan durchhaltenbis70.

It's a 3 minutes video probably taken by a German TV from  studio sessions in 1971, in the same period when the band was recording the announced third album titled "The Dragon Wakes": as we know, that album was never realised and the tracks soon became legendary for every TEB fans.

Here we can see the electric TEB recording in this line-up: Glen Sweeney on drums, Paul Minns on oboe, Denim Bridges on electric guitar, Paul Buckmaster on electric bass and Simon House on violin.