October 30, 2010

5 TEB fans can't be wrong! At last here's the unrealised "Raga in D"!

The rare & never realised track here is from a tape that was found with no title by the great late Paul Minns in his attic and goes back to the  "Alchemy" sessions (end 1968/beginning 1969), recorded in the Abbey Road studios by Glen Sweeney (hand drums), Paul Minns (oboe), Richard Coff (violin) and Ben Cartland (viola) – the first TEB acoustic line-up.

TEB 1968: Minns, Cartland, Sweeney and Coff.
In a rare occasion (a letter sent to me in 1996) Minns talked about the origin of this track:
"I nearly cried when I heard this. It was like the return of an old friend. This raga is called In D and was the nucleus for ragas such as "Area Three" and  "Ghetto Raga", both in the "Alchemy" album. This track should have been on as well as it was recorded at the start of that session but Cartland announced after two tracks that he wanted to play keyboards instead the viola. As this was totally unexpected and unacceptable he quit. He tended to be volatile and very hippy. The replacement was Mel Davis on cello who excelled and who I now realise was an inspired player and the best I have ever played with. His slide bagpipes (rubber inner tubes) on "Dragon Lines" was marvellous. The session at Abbey Road went like a dream and took over under a week."

Just as Minns would have wanted, I've decided to call the track just "Raga In D", and it really emanates the fascinating mystery of the "Alchemy" recordings – an overall atmosphere that has miraculously been preserved for all these years, offers us an extraordinarily beautiful out-take, played live by harmonious musicians, determined in creating a well thought out sound project rooted in the classic Indian tradition.

So, the 5 Third Ear Band fans cant' be wrong! This is the purest distillation of the TEBand's music!
Download, listen & be touched by the raga at http://rapidshare.com/files/427945468/Raga_in_D.mp3

no©2010 Luca Ferrari


  1. I'm speechless...this is Third Ear music in all its magical and touching beauty. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  2. Mille grazie!

    Spirito bono.

  3. What can I say? Many, many thanks for this very special music, Luca As Mirco said: magical touching beauty; & as Paul said, an old friend indeed - as familiar as it is wondrously strange!

    Sedayne / Hallowe'en 2010

  4. Ciao Luca, ho visto che ti hanno "linkato" in questo ottimo blog: http://nightofthepurplemoon.blogspot.com/2010/11/third-ear-band-raga-in-d-1968.html
    A presto ;-)

  5. Grazie, l'avevo già linkato nella sezione dei blogger qui a destra... Anche a me sembra un ottimo blog... Tutti i giorni alcuni lettori di Ghetto Raga provengono proprio da lì...