March 25, 2016

"Born in Canterbury": a case of Italian crap journalism about the TEB.

Some Italian pseudo-music journalists have the sad habit to repeat the same old tragically fake infos about the Third Ear Band. One of the worst one is named Cesare Rizzi, an author involved with the important publisher Giunti on "guides to" some kind of music.

He wrote three books about the so-called Progressive scene (1999, 2003 and 2010) annoting coincise profiles about bands as King Crimson, Pink Floyd... and fatally (but I'm not agreed with this) the Third Ear Band.
On the volumes he states the band was born in Canterbury!, when even kids know Glen Sweeney's ensemble was born in London Ladbroke Grove.

But one of the thing that really upset me is when Rizzi tells about the last phase of the band story (the reunion and the records made in Italy): he alludes to a "bunch of Italian fans", not quoting me (a writer about music since 1985) and my friend Gigi Bresciani (one of the most important promoter in Italy)as the only responsible of the band reunion and the very first concerts played here; nor the only book existing on the band (with the very first edition of the "Abelard & Heloise" soundtrack) - "Necromancers of the Drifting West", published by Stampa Alternativa in Rome - written by me (where he could take some verified infos about the Thirds).

An hateful way to make journalism, superficial and amateurish; writing just in Italian they can omitting the truth, but the clever and really passionate fans around the world know where they can find the right stuff!

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March 18, 2016

Maybe the most rare TEB's record?

Probably the most rare TEB's item is this only one single known, the Japan edition of "Fleance Macbeth" (Odeon EOR10140, 1972), from the "Macbeth" original soundtrack (on the B side "Overture"). No value estimated.
Here you can see the front cover and the inner sleeve with photos, notes and the original lyrics of "Fleance".


About other rarities for TEB's KolleKtors, just in these last few days you can get copies of the rare National Balkan Ensemble's record at around 40-60€ at Discogs Web site (
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March 13, 2016

Old rare TEB adverts emerged from the Web!

Few days ago Ebay sellers put on sale two rare old TEB adverts taken from magazines. Here below you can see an advert from "Time Out" (March 1972 issue) for the "Macbeth" soundtrack release. A typical of that time b/w photo pastiche  with the macabre scene of the hangmen.

Again, here below you can watch a b/w page from "Rolling Stones"(December 1969 issue) promoting "Alchemy" with Harvest Records/Blackhill Enterprises releases by Edgar Broughton Band, Pink Floyd and others...

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March 04, 2016

All the cover proofs for "Exorcisms"...

Here we have all the cover proofs made by talented designer Martin Cook for the last TEB's release "Exorcisms".
The new record is available also through the official Gonzo Web site at
First proof with tracks' titles.

Second proof  with different colour, blue eyes and names of band members
 (but with Paul Minns missed).

Third proof  as the second one but with white eyes.
Furth proof as the third one but with red eyes.

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