September 27, 2010

Another gift for TEB's fans: "Ghoo" (a.k.a. "Eternity in D") rough recording from Balham Studios!

Another little gift for all the (few) Third Ear Band fans all over the world!
Here's another very rare recording from Balham Studios, where on February 1971 Sweeney, Minns, Bridges and Buckmaster recorded a complete new album ("The Dragon Wakes") never published (read at

The "Melody Maker" ad designed by Glen Sweeney for the 'forthcoming' "The Dragon Wakes".
"Ghoo", abbreviation of "Genetic Octopogillar Goo", was the new title for that known "Eternity in D" played live at a BBC "John Peel's Session" one month before (January 7th, 1971).
Listening this rough recording (3.59) - taken by my Panasonic RQ-L30 mini cassette recorder from a Denim Bridges MySpace private audition I was lucky to listen to - it's an intriguing example of the great interplay of the four musicians, clearly conditioned by Miles Davis' "Bitches Brew".

I admit to have been really torn to publish this track in so poor quality, but I hope TEB fans can appreciate it anyway as a nugget from that obscure past.
Who knows if Mr. Bridges, apparently the sole owner of the six tracks left from Balham, will decide now to publish a proper album.

[Download and listen the track at]

no©2010 Luca Ferrari


  1. What a treasure! But the file link isn't working!

  2. Got it! Listening to it as I write - this is the music of ghosts absorbed in the ether, or else the stone-tape. Wondrous & not a little spooky...

  3. Luica, do you think there's a way we can convince Denim to publish this session?

  4. Right Sedayne, not little spooky!
    Mirco, you can contact Bridges and try to convince him... but it's not easy, I think, not easy at all! I was in contact with him for some weeks and I listened to the six tracks. I told him it was an absolute worthy thing to produce, proposing him a label to edit it, but he disappeared and I haven't a clue about his real intentions...
    Anyway, I will wait some months to see what it'll happen, but then I could publish other two or three tracks from that sessions... just to let the fans to listen to them.