January 26, 2011

(Scraping the bottom of the barrell 4:) One unrealised 1989 live track of the Third Ear Band!

There's hardly anything left in my personal archive, but  searching better I've recently discovered one unrealised live track from the band, recorded in London at the end of Eighties.
Glen sent me a sampler of it with the indication "Dog Club" on the tape (see below), but the concert was probably that played at the "Sir George Robey" pub  on December 15th, 1989 as reported on this archive at the page http://ghettoraga.blogspot.com/2009/12/tebs-tape-recordings-at-london-british.html.

The line up, the same of the Vinci concert:
Glen Sweeney – hand drums
Lyn Dobson – sax and flute
Mick Carter – electric guitar and effects
Allen Samuel – violin

From the set played that night you can listen "The Book of the Dead" (no recordings of the other track quoted on the tape, "Midnight Drums"...) with Glen announcing it as "Necromancer".
All you have to do now is download this rare unexpected gemns at:
and realize as great and powerful has been that line-up...

no©2011 Luca Ferrari

January 22, 2011

An unexpected letter from Denim Bridges...

Just few days ago (January 19th) TEB's guitar player from the "Macbeth" era Denim Bridges wrote me back after a very long time... Maybe we'll have new perspectives at last to see that old tracks realised?!

"Hi Luca,
I have been very involved with new projects. That is why I have not contacted you for a very long time. I saw your new posting. I was surprised that it was as recently as October last.
You can hear samples of my new music:





Denim Bridges, Largo (Florida) 2010
I hope to have the time this spring to look at the TEB tracks again. People can certainly influence me by pre-ordering the CD (LP or EP remains to be seen) via my e-mail address:

For the past 20 years in between playing gigs I have mixed front of house for Annie Haslam of Renaissance. In 2009 I was tour manager and FOH mixer for the 40 year anniversary tour of Renaissance in USA. In 2010 I mixed for Renaissance opening for Procol Harum.
I still play the occasional show with Fiona Frensche although the name Grandetourismo is no longer used. She plays solo more now.
I hope you have a happy and successful 2011.
Best wishes,


So, dear TEB addicts, we have the opportunity now to "influence" Mr. Denim Bridges to produce the old TEB's tracks recorded in Balham. Write, write & write him!

no©2011 Luca Ferrari

January 18, 2011

A new letter from Steve Pank, original TEB's promoter and driver.

Waiting for the interview with his wife Ursula, here's a recent letter Steve Pank, the original TEB's promoter and driver, has sent me. Among the others, you can read some interesting unknown things about Paul Buckmaster...

(L-R) Dave Tomlin and Steve Pank in London, July 2010 (photo: L. Ferrari)
"Hy Luca.
Thank you for the photos, I like the ones with Dave and you and Dave and me but the one you and me that Dave took doesn't work so well.
Ursula a been working on the answers to the questions, you sent her, but we had all the family here (three children and three grandchildren) over Christmas and it has been a busy time.

I have not been able to get in touch with Richard Coff yet, I have had a look at his Suzuki Academy website and it looks as thought he is quite busy. I have a spare copy of "Abelard an Eloise" which you gave me, because Jan Diakov gave me a copy of it shortly after Glen's funeral. I think the best thing for me to do is to is to write to Richard in Miami and send it to him.

You may be interested in Mel Davis and the People Band, Mel was playing with the People Band before he joined the Third Ear Band and again afterwards. It seems they still get together. If you put ''Mel Davis People Band" into Google you will find the link.

Paul Buckmaster was at the Royal Academy of Music at the same time a Ursula and they shared a stand in the orchestra. After he left, one of the first things he did was and instrumental cover of "Je t'aime" the hit by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. At the time the original was considered too riskee for the BBC to play.

While he was with the Third Ear Band, he wrote the string part for David Bowie's 'Ground control to Major Thom' ["Space Oddity", from the same album of 1972] the violin crescendo at the end was rumoured to be based on Richard Coff's parts in "Book of the Dead".

Later went to America, he met Miles Davis. He also wrote some string arrangements for an album the Grateful Dead again ther is a rumour that the Miles Davis album title "Live Evil" was inspired by Glens reversible title "Evil dog".

I was pleased recently to get a double CD of "Alchemy" and "Elements" from Amazon at a very reasonable price.
Happy new year.
Steve Pank".
(L-R) Steve Pank and Dave Tomlin during a conversation with the archive's editor in London (photo: L. Ferrari)

no©2011 Luca Ferrari

January 09, 2011

(Scraping the bottom of the barrell 3:) Some rare poems by Glen Sweeney.

Written around the second half of '80's (except "Tiger", date back to 1979), here's some rare poems by Glen Sweeney, probably intended for a planned book of writings, poems & something else. But the book was never published... 

Poems to Maggie and Ron*

Her master with his million sins
his sawn off mind his seven chins
inside his head a demon sings
of blood and death and slaughter.

This witch sits spiderwise 
inside her web of lies and cries
only he loves me who dies
and the room filled up with laughter.
Ha, ha, ha, ha...
©1987  Glen   Sweeney Estate
*Note: Maggie and Ron are Margareth Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

The future star wars

There is a war in the stars
Venus fights Mars
and Earth is ripe for the kill
the prophets of doom
prepare for the boom
and they teach their kids to kill
it is plain to see
that our destiny is to fight 
till the end of the time
and love will become a crime
for the future of man
is a cosmic plan
by the architects of fear
and the gods they await
will arrive to late
with a nod a wink
and the fear.
 ©1987  Glen  Sweeney Estate

Untitled poem

Have you heard the sound of one hand clapping
have you heard the sound of one man rapping
tired of sleeping in the street
want somewhere to rest your feet
Have you heard the sound of one hand clapping
have you heard the sound of one man rapping
tired of politicians lies
don't listen with your ears
listen with your eyes. 
©1987 Glen  Sweeney Estate
The poem titled "Tiger" handwritten by Glen Sweeney.

(Poem. Thanks to Willy Blake)

Tiger tiger 
burning bright
soon you will be 
an unknown sight
no more forests 
of the night
something that you 
cannot fight
has replaced thy 
fearfull symmetry
felled the soaring 
jungle tree
left a symbol 
                  of our culture

   Coca Cola 
on which stands 
                   a vulture.
 ©1979  Glen  Sweeney Estate     
no©2011 Luca Ferrari

January 06, 2011

(Scraping the bottom of the barrell 2:) "Abrakadabra": another lyrics from the Hydrogen Jukebox era.

Here's another lyrics from the Hydrogen Jukebox, A.D. 1978, the electric-pop band formed by Sweeney after the TEB experience. Written by the percussionist for the album, but lightly modificated for the vocals, it's a long apocalyptic vision about the times, valid even for this 'new' second decade of 2000's...

"I've heard the works of Eliphus Levi
Kafka and Verlaine
I've been astral travelling nightly
with commuters of the brain
but the sign posts of the occult
all seem to read the same
I'm heading for the palace
of pain... singing

I've seen the demons of the drug stores
cast their pearls before swine
I've seen the pedliars of madness
down on Hollywood and vine
but the second hand of oblivion
sweeps the corridors of time
and I'm frozen in a catatonic mime... singing

I've seen the captains of confusion
order millions of their doom
heard the horseman of the apocalypse
like thunder on the tomb
heard the children of innocense
screaming in the womb
and I'm hiding in a crater on the moon... singing

The original lyrics handwritten by Glen Sweeney.
I've heard the pious popes of pornography
preaching to the poor
heard the flood tide of humanity
crying out for more
I saw the scothsayers of war
that left me screaming in terror 
on the floor... singing

I've heard the bibles of bullshit
preached the sermons of hate
I've seen the sign that says no niggers
above the pearly gate
I've sung the hymns of hypocrisy
and before it gets too late
I'm joining the fairies of fate... singing
                                               ©1978  Glen Sweeney Estate

Jim "Gypsy" Hayes recording Hydrogen Jukebox tracks.

About the Hydrogen Jukebox: maybe can be intersting to know that the album, formerly titled "Apocaliptic Anthems" and then called "Prophesies" when Materiali Sonori produced it in 1991, had two different track-lists (but with Sweeney it was a normal thing...):

“Prophecies” (CD – Materiali Sonori , 1991)
“Kingdom of the Brave”. “Life is an Art”. “Crysalis the Man”. “Voidoid City”. “Shoe Suede Blues”. “Ab-ra-ka-dab-ra”. “Prophecies”. “To be Continued”.

“Apocaliptic Anthems”/”Voidoid City” (pre-realise tape)
“Abracadabra”. “Folded Up the Afternoon”. “Join the Fairys of Fate”. “Kingdom of the Brave”. Signspots of the Occult”. “Don’t whistle while you piss”. “I saw Buddha smile”. “Voidoid City”.

At one point, during 1990, Sweeney decided to title it "Voidoid City" and designed the cover reproduced below: 

                                                                                              ©1990  Glen Sweeney Estate

Asking Mick Carter, produced the album's  tracks  at Dansette Studios (Kent) in 1978 and the definitive mix at London Alchemical Studios in 1991, he confirmed no out-takes or alternate tracks exist in the vaults...

The Hydrogen Jukebox (L-R): Brian Diprose, Jim Hayes, Mick Carter, an unknown engineer, Glen Sweeney.
no©2011 Luca Ferrari

January 01, 2011

(Scraping the bottom of the barrell 1:) An unrealised Glen Sweeney's lyrics from 1978...

Scraping the bottom of the barrell (I've hoped some old TEB collector/musician/friend could contribute in all these months with interesting stuffs, but few things have come...), you can read below an unrealised lyrics from the Hydrogen Jukebox written by Glen Sweeney in 1978 and maybe intended for the album.
Anyway, a way to say hello to the New Year thinking about our bitter destiny of Western men...

"Five portals hath the caverned man
the wise men know it's true
so they spend their lives  in academies

The five colours they do blind the eye
the seven sounds will numb the ear
and learning names and other games
will lead a man to fear

Telepathy is a portal the wise men all refute
for love is the key
they cannot see
as they argue and dispute

Another portal is the door we are taught to lock and bolt
but fear gets in
through the pores of the skin
and grips us by the throat

The animals all build their nests
and live their lives for free
and in a way the price they pay
is a lack of security

But animals don't cling to life
adventure is their game
and as they die they wink their eye
and say what's in a name

The Hydrogen Jukebox, A.D. 1978

A man  he has to buy his nest
and so he is not free
but spends his life a labouring
in the name of security

And as he settles in his nest
and prepares to enjoy his day
another  portal opens wide
and his soul it flies away

They lay his body in the grave
and they sell his little nest
and the moral of this story 
is that animals know best".
                                    ©1978  Glen Sweeney  Estate

no©2010 Luca Ferrari