October 03, 2010

Bristolian radio programme dedicated to the memory of John Peel soon.

Steve Pank informs me Bristolian radio BCFM  will dedicate a one-day programme to the memory of the great John Peel on next October 11th, the date of his last broadcast in 2004.

Words, music & memories about the late great American DJ who changed the way to tell rock music, with a quotation of his involvement with the TEB.
"We will be providing a varied and in depth look through at the life and times of John Peel" - explains  at the radio - "playing some of his famous ‘peel sessions’ as well as a lot of the groups and musicians he has championed throughout his career and also keeping with the Peel ethos we will be playing other music that perhaps doesn’t get as much airplay as it should - hopefully introducing you to some new and old tracks that you might just fall in love with". 

Because they didn't know it and don't have a copy of it (!), Steve asked me to send him a copy of "Area Three" to broadcast it - the track on TEB's "Alchemy" where Peel played a jew's harp...

no©2010 Luca Ferrari

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