February 28, 2011

An interview with Carolyn Looker, Glen Sweeney's wife, soon...

A long interview with Carolyn Looker will be published here soon. I've called her by phone some days ago and I've sent her about twenty questions on things connected to the Third Ear Band's story: it'll be an important chance to know and understand better some obscure facts of the past.

Luca Ferrari and Carolyn Looker in Chiswick,  London (July 2010)
Another interesting opportunity could be an interview with Kathryn Ade, Paul Minns'wife. I've sent her a letter to her old Scottish address, hoping she's living still there...
We will see.
Again nothing from Ursula Smith (and Steve Pank), even if I've sent her some questions just before Christmas...

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February 22, 2011

fRoots forum talks about Peter Bellamy played support to the Third Ear Band.

Just today musician and TEB's acolyte Sedayne writes me an e-mail about a discussion  on fRoots forum on Peter Bellamy, where the great Ian A Anderson reveals of his  involvement with the Third Ear Band as supporter on live concerts... 
Read the letter and go to the forum for details...

Peter Bellamy at Shackleford Folk Club, 1980
"Hi Luca,
the release of the "Oak Ash Thorn" CD is almost upon us, featuring a stellar cast & already attracting a lot of media interest in the UK - read Colin Irwin's fRoots review here: http://www.frootsmag.com/content/issue/reviews/
(...) On the fRoots forum right now there's a general discussion on "Oak Ash Thorn" and Peter Bellamy on which the fRoots editor Ian A Anderson mentions he played support to the Third Ear Band on various occasions.  Could be another line of enquiry???  Read the discussion here:  http://froots.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5842

Hope all is well
Sean / Sedayne".

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February 04, 2011

Third Ear Band's radio broadcasts available in the BBC vaults: a brief updating.

As the Third Ear Band's manager in the Eighties, I've been able to ask to BBC Archive service which TEB radio broadcasts are available in their archives.
Differently from that list published in the past (based on a book edited by Ken Garrer (read in this archive at the page http://ghettoraga.blogspot.com/2009/12/how-many-teb-unrealized-tracks-left.html), it seems the only broadcast available is just this:

Date: 29/03/2009
Weekly music show presented by Stuart MACONIE. Includes

University of the Strange, live guests, archive performances and sessions. 
Entry produced from production sources This week:
FEATURED ALBUM: The Rotters' Club by Hatfield And The North
LIVE FREAKS: Third Ear Band (archive performance)"

The Broadcast Media Researcher Information & Archives Jeffrey Smith writes me that "the programme I emailed you is all we have listed under THIRD EAR BAND in our archive - I cannot find anything else" but, because I've replied him with the quote of the Garner's book on "John Peel sessions", he promises me "I will ask radio 1 to see if they have any other recordings of the band".
Anyway he cannot tell where, when and what the TEB played on that live freaks "archive performance"...

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