June 29, 2019

Celebrating the TEB 'curious story' on PROG magazine...

"It's the same the world over", as they said. English rock magazines are generally better than the Italians, but anyway we are very far from the famous legendary Oscar Wilde's statement about the critic being as an artist...
This long tribute to the TEB's saga under the title "Dragon Lines. The curious story of the Third Ear Band" written by Malcolm Dome for PROG magazine (#99, July 2019) is cheap of revelations and shows some little errors (the  worst  of all is stating Richard Coff is dead!), with well-known opinions by Blackhill's managers (the same old things about Glen being a trickster and a good PR man of the band...) and a arguable assertion by Denim Bridges on the mystic nature of TEB's identity.

Dome: "Celtic, raga, Chinese, Indian and Native American daubs abound throughout Alchemy. And there were rumours the band were actively involved in mysticism. But guitarist Denim 'Denny' Bridges, who joined in 1970, has his own views on this."

Bridges: "I believe Glen was very knowledgeable about the subject. But he was certainly also prepared to use it to get interest in the band. If he felt that using alchemy and magick imagery would get us attention, then he would exploit the side as much as possible".

As often happened on English magazines or books, also for Dome the TEB's Italian reunion is quite irrelevant, and THE MOTHER OF ALL QUESTIONS seems to be that there are still some mysteries around that have to be solved. "For instance, did Sweeney actually fight in World War II?"

So, apart from some well-known pictures, the very scarce informations about the recent three Cherry Red's reissues (!!!), no elements to the readers for understanding the great musical intuitions of the band, no references to the huge work made by this Archive in the last ten years... this is an important stuff because can let many young Prog fans to know the intriguing underground story of the Thirds.

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June 19, 2019

"The Magus" new vinyl edition out soon!

Tiger Bay will release on June 21th, 2019 a brand new edition of TEB's  1972 album "The Magus" in a gatefold vinyl edition (as TB0006430) for € 27.00
This is the label press release:

"Recorded in 1972, but not released til' 30 years later, this magnificent 'missing album' by the free-thinking UK psych-prog band is now available on 180-GRAM VINYL, packaged in a gatefold sleeve. Sounding like an east-meets-west kind of affair, this spiritual work includes early electronic experiments and vocals."

Tiger Bay is "a label specialised in luxury and limited edition releases on vinyl. Focusing on progressive, experimental, psychedelic and jazz-rock, TIGER BAY’s releases include both out-of-print reissues and rare or unreleased material works by artists that contribute to expanding these genres through the years. TIGER BAY works closely with artists and labels to realise high-quality licensed vinyl, with re-mastered sound, and finely designed artworks."

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June 17, 2019

Denim Bridges' lyrics for "Hyde Park"!

Our friend Denny Bridges sent me the original lyrics used for "Hyde Park" singing. 
He wrote me this: "Here are the lyrics to my song "In A Man" that we're used for "Hyde Park". Subject to the comments below you can reprint them as long as you clearly credit "Lyrics by Denny Bridges". 
It is clear from my garbled vocal performances of "Hyde Park" that I didn't know the lyrics that well, but in my defense the original idea was for there to be no words just sounds. I couldn't manage that so I had to use words. You will also notice extra lyrics that I have put into parenthesis (). 
In the original song there was a chromatic chord change into that section and TEB didn't do chromatic chord changes, so that section was cut. It is noticeable in both recordings that I forgot that and went for the change and no one else did. Oh well."

In A Man

We can live without fear
We can look to make our peace
(Given time so we can know
How to be certain as we grow)
Like a child's sign of truth in a man

All our fortunes can be real
If our handling of them seem
(Starting wrong. But in the end
Firm resolve that still can bend)
Like a child's sign of strength in a man

Can't deny we know the way
But the few still lead astray
(The masses following as one
But some lone voices sound alarms)
Like a child's sign of love in a man

There's a story, it's always told
About today but still it's old
(It relates what we have done
Nothing learned from what was shown)
Of a child's sign of love in a man
(lyrics by Denim Bridges)

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June 06, 2019

A review about "Alchemy" remastered edition on Italian magazine "Rumore".

A very short review is published on the last issue of Italian magazine "Rumore" (#329, June 2019), a great effort of imagination (!): "An esoteric acoustic trance music that does not give space-time grips, marked by tablas and circumscribed by the oboe, violin and cello."

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June 01, 2019

A Denim Bridges' solo LP discography.

Who knows Denny Bridges was a sound engineer in Brian Eno's "Here come the warm jets"? Or in Jeff Beck's "Blow By Blow" produced by Sir George Martin?

Just after the involvement with the Third Ear Band, thanks to a tied friendship with Paul Buckmaster, Denny had the chance to work at the London Air Studios as a sound engineer.

He told to me: "I was closer to Paul Buckmaster than any of the other members. He was always a mentor to me. He was responsible for introducing me to most of the music that was to influence me within the scope of The Third Ear Band and he encouraged me greatly. We also got on very well on a personal level and occasionally saw each other outside of the band. Post TEB I had the opportunity to engineer sessions at Air Studios for him when, for example, he had arranged for the orchestra. I was always thrilled to work with him again in that different capacity."

Here below you have the full Denim Bridges' solo album discography penned by himself (with some integrations by me) in chronological order:

Carly Simon - "No Secrets" (Elektra) sound engineer  
T. Rex - "The Slider" (T. REX) assistant sound engineer

Paul McCartney & Wings - "Band on the run" (Apple) sound engineer 
The Electric Light Orchestra - "ELO 2" (Harvest) sound engineer 
Brian Ferry - "These foolish things" (Island) sound engineer
Kiki Dee - "Loving & Free" (The Rocket Record Company) assistant sound engineer
Roxy Music - "For your pleasure" (Island) assistant sound engineer
Roxy Music - "Stranded" (Island) assistant sound engineer
T. Rex - "Tanx" (T. REX) assistant sound engineer
John Williams - "My Heights Below" (Cube Records) assistant sound engineer

The Electric Light Orchestra - "Eldorado" (Warner Bros) sound engineer 
Sparks - "Kimono my house" (Island) assistant sound engineer
Roxy Music - "Country Life" (Island) assistant sound engineer
Badfinger - "Badfinger" (Warner Bros) assistant sound engineer
ELP - "Welcome back my friends" (Manticore) assistant sound engineer

Jeff Beck - "Blow by blow" (Epic) sound engineer 
Birth Control - "Plastic People" (CBS) sound engineer
Fripp & Eno - "Evening Star" (Island)  sound engineer
Bobby Vince Paunetto - "Bottle the Edge" co-producer

Quantum Jump - "Quantum Jump" (The Electric Record Company) mixing 
Jeff Beck - "Wired" (Epic) sound engineer
Stackridge - "Mr Mick" (The Rocket Record Company) sound engineer
Joe Cocker - "Live in   L.A." (Cube Records) sound engineer
Cleo Laine - "Born in a Friday" (RCA Victor) sound engineer
Philip Goodhand-Tait - "Oceans Away" (Crysalis) recording engineer

Elkie Brooks - "Two Days Away" (A&M Records) recording engineer

The Strawbs - "Deadlines" (Arista) sound engineer

Rick Wakeman - "G'olè!" (Charisma)  sound engineer & producer 

Ryudogumi - "Gaia" (Epic) sound engineer

Shakin' Stevens - "A Whole Lotta Shaky" (Epic) sound engineer
TM Network-Tetsuya Komuro - "Seven Days War" (Epic) recorded and mixed

Annie Haslam - "Annie Haslam" (Epic) sound engineer & mixing

Soul Engines - "Ghost on a Landscape" (Not on Label) producer
Band of Blutus - "Tiny" (???) co-producer

Annie Haslam's Renaissance - "Blessing in disguise" (One Way Records) sound engineer& backing vocals on one track

Bar Scott - "Confession" (JSR) co-producer

Annie Haslam - "Live under Brazilian skies" (Transatlantic) sound engineer and producer

Bobby Vince Painetto - "Composer in public" (RSVP) co-producer

Annie Haslam - "Live in Philadelphia 1997" (Floating World) sound engineer

Other artists Bridges worked with include

Apple Mosaic - Beat - Wild Swans - P.P.(Pat) Arnold - Harry Nilsson - Paul Young - Aztec Camera - The Babys - Orange Juice - Gene Pitney - Julia Downes - Rod Edwards - Rupert Hine - Pamela Moore - Babylon Sound - Livingston Taylor - Matt Sevier - Tom Rush - David Wilcox - Poker Face.

Denny today posing with his guitar.

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