November 24, 2014

"Abelard & Heloise" short film revealed!

Finally I've received from BRMitschnitt a copy of the original short film directed by George Moorse in 1970 for German TV with the soundtrack by the Third Ear Band and the screen adaptation by Austrian painter Ernst Fuchs.


Originally titled just "Abaelard", is about 1-hour movie with actors and few animations. Quite static, sometimes it shows some sort of psychedelic effects; all in all it's a boring narration of the well-known love story, most of all more silent sequences than acted ones, with a great prominence to the wonderful Third Ear Band music.

An important, even if artistically arguable finding, this movie was one of the obscure gems in the TEB's story. 
However I frankly doubt some producers could be interested into making an official DVD from this, considering the scarce artistic value (apart the TEB music, of course!) and the boring screen adaptation.

For those who has lost to listen to the wonderful TEB's soundtrack, just recently we have "Abelard & Heloise" available on Spotify at

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