May 12, 2014

Rare Japan "Alchemy" cardbox sold on Ebay!

A beautiful cardboard "Alchemy" cover box (14.5 cm x 14.5 cm x 3.0 cm) for storage Japan mini lp cd was sold on Ebay in last September 2013 from Bangkok (Thailand) at the absurd price of  $60.00 (P&P $14.00).
The box (in slipcase style, non drawer) can contain four/five Japan mini LP in CD edition.

A little beautiful object for maniacal & obsessed TEB fans!

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May 06, 2014

"Alchemy", "the consummate essence of the 60s Zeitgeist". A short vision by Sean Breadin, a.k.a. Sedayne.

Folk shaman Sean Breadin, a.k.a. Sedayne, has  just sent me these few lines about "Alchemy", one of the our favourite albums ever...

"Hi Luca - Just wrote this on Sid Smith's call of for great 1969 albums on Facebook & got a few likes... Sometimes you get a clear vision of just what it is about the music you love that appeals to you so much, so here it is: 

Third Ear Band - Alchemy
Which somehow manages to catalyse an archetypal sound-magic by being utterly free of technological interference. It's one of those rare occasions when the mystical hype of the sleeve note (...a reflection of the universe as magic play illusion...dualities are discarded in favour of the Tao...each piece is as alike or unalike as trees, grass or crickets...) is matched / transcended utterly by the astonishing reality of the music, which lives and breathes in its timeless vinyl eternity. The elements are simple enough - Glen Sweeney pounding his shamanic bongo over which Paul Minns' oboe & Richard Coff's violin ascend as atonal modal larks along the ley lines that connect stone circles to the pyramids whilst Mel Davis' cello roots it all to the gnomic dark below. This LP is the consummate essence of the 60s Zeitgeist - a soundtrack to Michel's flying saucer vision of Ancient Albion that remains every bit as inspirational as "Bitches Brew". Witches Brew maybe?".

Any comments to this would be  greatly appreciated!

no©2014 Luca Ferrari (unless you intend to make a profit. In which case, ask first)