September 22, 2014

"Abelard & Heloise" German short film found!

After long researches, Ghetto Raga Archive is proud to confirm that a copy of the legendary short movie "Abelard & Heloise" with the Third Ear Band original soundtrack is taken by the archive of  Bayerischer Rundfunk (Germany).
This is a data sheet of the film: 

Title: "Peter Abelard - Third Ear Band"
Transmission: 06.12.1970
Duration: 58'35"
Programme: Film and Teleclub
Produced by: Barbara Moorse Film-Workshop
Authors: George Moorse (LitVorl)
                 Tanja Oulebla (LitVorl)
Screenplay: Ernst Fuchs
                      Hans Gailling
Director: George Moorse
Actors: Philippa Stjernsward
Music by: The Third Ear Band
Camera: Gerard Vandenberg
Fernsehspiel von George Moorse and Tanja Oulebla
From the classic love story between Abelard and Heloise adapted for the screen by wiener malers Ernst Fuchs.


Ghetto Raga Archive is still waiting for a reply to understand if and how it is possible to get a copy of the film...

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September 15, 2014

Glen Sweeney talks about the TEB music on "Zigzag" # 4 (August 1969).

As we have seen, "Zigzag" magazine has often dedicated pages to the Third Ear Band. Below you can read an old article published on August 1969 with a rare reconstruction of the band's origins written by Glen Sweeney. Not a typical interview, or a review, or an article about music, but two pages with a writing by Sweeney himself!
Here he writes about his past in the jazz scene, the fundamental meeting with Dave Tomlin, the brief experience with the Hydrogen Jukebox and the idea to form the TEB. At the beginning, as we know well, they played "electric raga" with Clive Kingsley on guitar, then the instruments was stolen and the TEB became acoustic...
Apart these known historical references, very interesting is the evidence of Glen's clear counsciousness about the kind of music to play
"... Our numbers we refer to as ragas, though they are obviously not, and the alchemical thing, though it may seem to be, is not in the way we use it, a fantasy. The alchemists, far from just trying to make gold from other things, had this idea of doing the same experiment over and over for years, and somewhere, something would change. And we do this in music, and sometimes weird things happen".
Note in the same issue also an Harvest ad for "Alchemy" (& Edgar Brouthon Band's "Wasa Wasa") based on a picture of Stonehenge...


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September 10, 2014

Details about the 1971 TEB German TV clip.

For all the TEB fans still interested into knowing something more about that wonderful short clip emerged from YouTube some months ago (go here), here is some infos for you sent me by NDR Mitschnittservice in Hamburg, the German TV that holds the copyrights of it.
The short studio clip is included on a TV programme titled "Sympathy for the Devil" (thirteenth episode) aired on March 29th, 1972 (43'40" long).
The original sheet from their archive shows this (sorry it's in German!):

"Jugendliche äußern sich über Popmusik und die Bedeutung, die sie ihr zumessen. /
Der Film enthält z.T. Bildsequenzen aus vorangegangenen Folgen der Serie "Sympathy for the devil". Der Beitrag enthält Videoclips zu einigen Musikbeiträgen. Diese Präsentation von populärer Musik war noch etwas vollkommen Neues. /

Jimi Hendrix Experience spielt "Purple Haze".
Statement Rod Stewart über das Lied "Gasoline Alley".
Rod Stewart singt "Gasoline Alley" a cappella.
Videoclip zur Musik von "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".
Statement eines älteren Mannes über gammelnde Jugendliche und Arbeit.
Videoclip zu Procul Harum's "Broken Barricades".
Statement eines Amsterdamer Polizisten über das Verhalten der Jugendlichen auf dem Amsterdamer "Dam".
Third Ear Band spielt Klangfantasie im Studio.  (TEB plays a live jam in the studio)
Zwei englische Schauspieler inszenieren "Anti Magical Mystery Tour". (Dt. Untertitel; gilt für alle englischen Statements des Films.) 
Maggie Bell, Bluessängerin, über ihre Erfahrungen mit einer Arbeitsstelle, die sie schon nach einem halben Tag aufgab.
Videoclip: Maggie Bell singt "Don't think twice". 
Third World War spielt "Urban Rock" und "Preaching Violence". 
Statements der Bandmitglieder über ihre Musik und das Geldverdienen mit Musik.
Videoclip: The Who spielen "Substitute".
Statement eines Redakteurs des "Beatclub" über die Bereitwilligkeit der Zuschauer, Fernsehberichterstattung als Vermittlung von Wahrheit anzusehen.
Videoclip: Jefferson Airplane spielen "Volunteers of America".
Diverse Statements von Jugendlichen über ihre Lieblingsmusik.

001 Statements von Jugendlichen (gesplittet)
002 (SW) Jimi Hendrix Experience
003 Statement Stewart; Stewart singt
004 Marktszenen in England
005 Videoclip zu "Sgt. Pepper's Hearts Club Band
006 Statement alter Mann
007 Jugendliche auf Dam in Amsterdam (mehrfach); Statement Polizist
008 Zwei Schauspieler stellen "Anti Magical Mystery Tour" dar
009 Statement Bell; Videoclip Bell
010 Konzertausschnitt Third World War; Statements Bandmitglieder (gesplittet) 
011 Videoclip The Who
012 (SW) Joe Cocker
013 (SW) Aretha Franklin
014 Statement Redakteur "Beatclub"
015 Videoclip Jefferson Airplane

The NDR Mitschnittservice Team cannot say if - apart the known sequence in the studio -  there are also other sequences of the Third Ear Band on the programme.
Even if the TV programme is not available in official DVD format, you can ask NDR to buy a DVD-R of it  for €35 (payble through the bank).
For arrangements write to:

NDR Mitschnittservice
Hugh-Greene-Weg 1
[D] 22529 Hamburg

tel: 49 [040]-44192-446
fax: 49[040]-44192-443

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September 05, 2014

New various artists compilation with the Thirds music on it.

Compiled by Matt Sewell, "A Crushing Glow" is a 2LPs compilation with music by various artists as Durutti Column, Popol Vuh, Meic Stevens...
It has been published by Caroline True Record (as CTRUE 15) on May 2014 in a limited edition of 500 copies on double azure blue vinyl. 
The first 25 orders from have came with a limited edition four colour risograph print of artwork by Sewell.  
Artwork, selection, liner notes by the same Sewell - John Kertland is the producer.

Third Ear Band has the great untarnished "Stone Circle" ("Alchemy"'s original version) on it.

This is a presentation of the album:
"Caught by the River readers will know artist and illustrator Matt Sewell as a bird enthusiast first and foremost, but he’s also a dedicated and knowledgeable music aficionado and music collector. To channel his second love, the painter of walls around the world and the bird brain behind the bestselling books "Our Garden Birds, Our Songbirds" and "Our Woodland Birds", has joined forces with Caroline True Records (CTR) for ‘A Crushing Glow’; a limited edition 2-LP compilation, on coloured vinyl, released April 28th.

Matt has delved deep into his mixed bag of musical tastes for a 13-track sonic excavation, pulling out songs as diverse as the pastoral post-punk of The Durutti Column, through the bucolic pop of Parsley Sound and the panoramic kosmique of Ashra, reimagined edits from Lobt Noch Irrt, and the Acid of Tin Man via the indo-prog of the Third Ear Band; many songs never before released on vinyl or else long deleted.
Featuring all-original artwork from Matt inside and out, the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. Artwork is contained within a deluxe full-colour gate-fold sleeve, with full colour inner-sleeves – on coloured double vinyl and detailed sleeve-notes carefully crafted by Matt.

Strictly limited to a 500 vinyl-only release with no repress, there will be no CD or digital version of the album".
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