May 02, 2020

TEB book last publication date: 31 May 2020.

Dear TEB aficionados,
ReR book on the Thirds has a little delay due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The book is ready for printing with different graphics, different cover, different aim: actually, not only a tribute to Glen Sweeney, as planned at the beginning, but a huge collection of  documents about the band, its life and his music, to portrait an excursus from 1966 with unseen photos, writings, interviews, memories by the main characters involved.

As a publisher, Chris Cutler wonderfully states on the press release, "You can inhale a sense of the mechanics of hope, exploitation, psychology and history here - not because that’s what the book is about (it’s not; it’s a gathering of facts and memories) but because they animate the testimonies and career trajectories here laid bare. A snapshot of a critical moment; a leaf caught in the tide - and the mundane consequences."

Waiting for the book (please, for updates contact the publisher at, I intend to post here some extra stuff not included in the book.
This first precious document is taken from "Blackhill Bullshit" magazine (issue 4) and it's a piece written by Sweeney on the music critics: a caustic, fierce reprimand of the approach to music by the magazines of that time...
So enjoy it!

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