January 31, 2010

An horrid English dance production with an historical TEB track!

If you don't have fear to confront yourself to the Horrifying Land of Contemporary Music Market, you can buy a new compilation with one of the most famous TEB tracks in - "Fleance", from the original 1972 "Macbeth" soundtrack.
In this recent double CD "Art of Chill 6" (Platipus Records DCD PLATCD225 2, distributed in England on November 2009), where "art" is really a wasted word to use for a ugly thing as this, for about 15.00 euros you can have 31 tracks played by great musicians as Tim Buckley, Velvet Undergound, Beaver & Krause, Suicide... and less great as Yazoo, Goblin, Gentle Giant... BUT MIXED by I Monster (??!!)!

Despite the promotional notes ("Groove Dis Exclusive. British production team that specilizes in psychedelic, electronic-tinged pop confections often based around samples from odd sources, mainly easy listening records. Born out of early WARP bleep culture and IDM, they come back w/ this 2 disc 31 trx mix of incredible diverse chill tunes") this remixed TEB track (based on the 2003 remixed version) is a real monstrosity, believe me! (anyway you can check by yourself listen to some samples at http://www.groovedis.com/shop/Various-ART-OF-CHILL-VOL.6-IMONSTER-DCD-p-220649.html).
So, please, save your moneys & make some free downloads or buy another copy (CD or vinyl, doesn't matter...) of the original "Macbeth" soundtrack...
(I hope at least TEB musicians can get some royalties from it...)

no©2010 Luca Ferrari

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