January 16, 2010

The original "Live Ghosts" cover photo and the reformed TEB first concert in Bergamo.

This is the original "Live Ghosts" cover photo shot by Italian photographer Lucia Baldini (http://www.luciabaldini.it/) from Materiali Sonori's staff. As you can see below, the original one is wider than that edited on the album cover.

                                                                  © Lucia Baldini
"Live Ghosts", a live recording from the first Italian tour (taken at St. Agostino's Cloister in Bergamo on September 8th, 1988), has been produced by Italian Materiali Sonori on three different formats - LP (MASO 33047) , CD (MASO CD 90004)  and cassette (MASO MC 33047).
The album track-list is: 
1. "More Mosaic" 2. "Ghetto Raga" 3. "Druid Three" 4. "Live Ghosts"
played by Glen Sweeney, hand drums; Mick Carter, guitar; Paul Minns, oboe and Allen Samuel on violin.
At that time, Sweeney was really electrified by the  new chance to play again on live 

concerts. After some weeks of rehearsals in London, at the ex Cambodian Embassy, on Summer 1988, where the band recorded some tracks (one of them, "Necromanticus" will be realised as a bonus track in 1993 on a new edition of the CD - MASO 90004),
Glen and Paul out of the Embassy on August 1988 (ph. © C. Looker)
Glen on hand drums at the Embassy on August 1988 (ph. © C.Looker)
Paul on oboe at the Embassy, August 1988 (ph. © Carolyn Looker)
 The band rehearsals at the Embassy, August 1988 (ph.© C. Looker)

the band hired two SW cars and came to Italy for a two gigs tour (Bergamo and Umbertide, a beautiful smalltown near Perugia). The  group included also Paul Minns'wife, Kathryn Ade.

(L-R) Luca Ferrari, Glen Sweeney, Allen Samuel, Mick Carter, Paul Minns, Kathryn Ade, Elena Blasi in Cremona, on September 7th, 1988
That evening in Bergamo was really magic for us. As a dream that becomes reality. The group played really very well and, despite all the years passed, the music seemed 'that' one... 

An excerpt from the wonderful concert poster.
One of my favourite concert ever, for myself the best record realised by the reformed TEB!

Photos of the concert by B. Ferrari (© B. Ferrari)
The best review ever! A "Live Ghosts" review from Japanese magazine "Marquee" (volume 032, 1989).

no©2010 Luca Ferrari

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