January 11, 2010

A brief phone conversation with Simon House on the Thirds...

On past January 7th I've got the privilege to have a phone conversation with Simon House, the legendary violinist founded in '69 the great High Tide and played with Third Ear Band on "Music from the Macbeth" and some important bands/artists (Hawkwind, David Bowie, Thomas Dolby, Michael Olfield, Magic Muscle...).

Just some brief questions he answered with rapid answers...

When/where/how did you meet Sweeney and the Third Ear Band? 
"Glen phoned me after High Tide split up [see a photo of the group], to ask if I would like to join TEB. I said yes, of course. No audition, he said he knew I was right for the band. Nice phonecall".

What do you remember about the "Macbeth" recording sessions in 1972? 
Three months going to Air Studios [see a photo below of sound engineers at the Control Room n. 2], Oxford Circus (central London) 10am-6pm... office hours, took the tube

into town every morning... just like having a real job. Sitting in a dark room with the guys, the two Pauls, Glen and Denny watching pieces of film and playing along to them.
Polanski came to listen every few days and explain what he wanted for the next sections".

Are you still getting royalties from that album? Do you know a not authorized edition of it made by English Voiceprint/Blueprint does exist?
"Never mind the album, I never got any money from the film either...".

Do you remember something about live concerts with TEB?
"I vaguely remember some gigs... University's and festivals... It was a long time ago".

Do you know if there was some unrealized or alternate tracks left from that period with TEB? "Not to my knowledge".

What do you think about the idea TEB was a "magic" group? Do you think it was just a matter of fashion or Sweeney & Minns was really involved in 'magic' dimension?
"Well it depends what you mean by 'magic'. Anything is possible...". 

Did you like to play with TEB? How do you define their music?
"It was an interesting experience and they were fun guys to be with after 
High Tide".

Now living in London, Simon is still working with  "an electric violin and computer backing and possibly a light show, but I have never been to Italy before and know nothing of the gig circuit over there...".
©2010 Luca Ferrari

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