January 02, 2010

Mike Marchant passed away on last November 13th, 2009.

"Mike, one-time member of TEB and writer of the majority of the tracks on 'The Magus', passed away on 13th November 2009. He liaised with Ron Kort in getting 'The Magus' released by Angel Air, and to the end was involved in producing and bringing on younger musicians and bands.
He was an immensely talented musician, composer and writer, and ran a recording studio in Denmark Road in London for several years.
Later he did amazing thing with graphic design way before anyone started messing with Photoshop, and then got back into the music production business again
Just before he died 4 of the tracks he recorded with Pete Newnham and Paul Hammond in the band T.H.E. in '77 were released as part of the 'Bored Teenagers' punk series."

(a signalling by Mirco from a TEB's Facebook fan page)

no©2010 Luca Ferrari


  1. This sad new was announced by Nathalie Walmsley-Beveridge, from London, who knew Mike personally.

  2. Thanks Mirco.
    Infact, I didn't find any news about it in the Web...