January 13, 2010

EMI Archive manager Nigel Reeve answers to request of unrealised/alternate TEB tracks in Abbey Road vaults.

"Hi Luca,
Thank you for your e-mail. I am not in a position to supply, or authorise to you be supplied, the contents of the band's assets at the Abbey Road Tape Library on a web blog as this is confidential
information and not for publication.
However, I can confirm that there are undoubtedly unreleased recordings, takes and mixes in the library and that "Mistress To The Sun" exists on both multi track and as a stereo mix, both dated February 12th, 1971.

(January 11th, 2010)

I'm sorry, I can send tape listings to the band members for their own reference but not for publication, this material and and detailed information is owned by EMI. As you are not a member of the band I am not in a position to send you any listings, particularly if you will then publish that information on the web.
If the band want to look into what tapes we hold in relation to a possible release under license then that is their perrogative.
I'm sorry I cannot be of more help to you at this time.

(January 13th, 2009)

So, if I understand well, two could be the possibilities:
1. A TEB member can ask to the EMI archive  how/which are unrealised/alternate takes in the vaults;
2. a fans' petition could induce EMI to publish  a TEB anthology with unrealised tracks.
But how many TEB fans are in the world?

©2010 Luca Ferrari


  1. Not many fans, I'm afraid, but if you want to start a petiton I'll certainly support you ;-)

  2. Why not? We can try... I'll ring to Carolyn and ask her... Maybe she (or someone else in the band) would ask EMI to know the tracks archived before to decide if publish them or not...
    Thanks a lot anyway 'Thirder'...

  3. Maybe the Hux label would be interested in an archival TEB project? Studio outtakes, BBC sessions and whatnot? Check them out;