December 21, 2009

Roger Bunn's role in The Giant Sun Trolley: an intriguing matter for archaeologist...

The late Roger Bunn (1942-2005) is on You Tube (  with a 3.59 video recorded in 2004. 

About his involvement with The Giant Sun Trolley in 1967, as you know, sources are controversial. In some interviews Glen Sweeney said TGST was just a duo (he and Dave Tomlin), but in this video, talking about UFO Club and the bands that played there, Bunn (musician with Piblokto and Roxy Music, recorded a solo album titled "Piece of mind" in 1971 read at states his role of Giant Sun Trolley's founder (he says "my band")...
no©2009 Luca Ferrari


  1. Another esoteric digression (if you may accept it...)
    You know Macbeth (Shakespeare drama of course), I have found this wikipedia suprising statement:

    "In the back-stage world of theatre, some believe the play is cursed and will not mention its name aloud, referring to it instead as the Scottish Play".

    Why Polanski and TEB were attracted by this?
    There is something druidic in the Polanski story? There something druidic (apart black magic) also in the Charles Manson matter?
    If Macbeth is "cursed" cannot be cursed also its music and people involved? And how much strong can be a "curse" of a play, a music, or an act?

    regards vic

  2. It would be very intriguing to study the thing because I think there's something of true in it... Sometimes Glen talked to me about 'strange things happened', a sort of malediction upon the story of the band... And the Macbeth music too (and so the film) sometimes it's so sinister...!
    Another matter to investigate it is the use Werner Herzog made of TEB music for his "Fata Morgana" film in the Seventies... another very strange and sinister work...

  3. Hi Luca, the interview with Clive Kingsley has confirmed us that Roger Bunn was part of the Giant Sun Trolley. An interesting article about this forgotten artist can be read here: Unfortunately the link to download his album Piece Of Mind doesn't work any more.
    All the best