December 09, 2009

"Hyde Park" Third Ear Band TV video.

This TEB video, taken from "Beat Club" German TV program, is from the period the band played around Europe just before the recording of “The Dragon Wakes”, album never realized.
“Beat Club” has been the first music program in German television, aired monthly by Radio Bremen between 1968 and 1972.

The band here (Glen Sweeney on drums, Paul Minns on oboe, Paul Buckmaster on bass, Denim Bridges on guitar and vocals and an unknown musician on congas - maybe Dave Tomlin) played live in the studio on September 29th, 1970 (the Thirds played on September 18th in Eindhoven and the 19th in Sittard, in Holland, and on 29th in Twickenham, London - even if it doesn't result on Paul Minns' diary, it's possible the group recorded the program just before, maybe during a brief tour in Germany...).
The track, sang by Denim Bridges, is a rare example of TEB orthodox pop music related to lost fourth album "The Magus".
That night the program was produced by Michael Leckebusch that used some filmed segments of skies and clouds (taken from the second album cover) behind the group.
The video has been included in volume 59 of a 24-DVD set titled "The Story of Beat Club"  (with Status Quo, Black Sabbath and Eric Burdon & War) produced by AL!VE in 2008.
You can download the TEB video through this very good link (thanks Mirco!): 

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  1. Thanks to you Luca. I'm not sure that this old link still works. The video can also be seen on the TEB's fan page on Facebook, and maybe someone has re-uploaded also on YouTube, after it had been removed once.
    On your book Paul Minns wrote about one Rhine gig on which the Amon Duul played too, maybe on that occasion they appeared on German television too.
    All the best.

  2. The August 1970 Melody Maker ad for Dragon Wakes names none other than Ben Cartland on viola & congas. Mystery solved then - it's Ben Cartland in the Hyde Park video.