December 08, 2009

"Eternity in D": a second version song text.

This is the text of "Eternity in D" second version, a love song written by Glen Sweeney to Carolyn, his wife (see the Sweeney's hand written transcription). 
Originally, the track was one played by The Giant Sun Trolley, an acoustic duo (guitar, percussion, hand drums and vocals) formed by Sweeney and Dave Tomlin in London on 1967: during that year they played various gigs, the most important at the 14th Hour Technicolor Dream (Alexandra Palace, April 29th, 1967)... 
Later, on January 17th, 1971, Third Ear Band reprises the track (on instrumental form) for a radio session on BBC "Top Gear"...

"She walks in beauty like the night 
and tells me not to get up night 
her eyes they watch me all the time 
one little blink would be a crime. 

Her jeans they fit her like a skin 
my head is full of mortal sin
the sphinx it winks when she appears 
and whispers mysterys in her ears... 

Her name is written in the sand 
I see the pen and then the hand 
the ocean sings a song of love 
and Noah is searching for her dove. 

The clouds are crying for the moon 
just turn the page to find the rune
a beatle hides beneath the stones 
and in the distance Dylan moans... 

There must be some way out of here 
why does our Jesus not appear 
and then her voice says: 'Calm your fear
the womb is not the tomb, my dear'."

no©2009 Luca Ferrari


  1. Was Giant Sun Trolley really a duo? I read that was involved also Roger Bunn...

    regards vic

  2. Hi.
    Actually, sources are controversal. In my old book I wrote that was involved also Roger Bunn, because in some occasions Glen remembered so. But more often for Glen The Giant Sun Trolley was just a do, he and Dave Tomlin...
    It would be great to have a memory from Roger Bunn... Do you know if he's still around?

  3. Roger Bunn is dead recently, however there is a video on youtube in which he describes the UFO club location from a Giant Sun Trolley member perspective (we played here etc etc...), so I feel you find it interesting (try a youtube search on Giant Sun Trolley or Roger Bunn).
    However, at a point he put out a Basf solo record which is not bad at all.
    regards vic

  4. Thanks Vic, great info, evin if Bunn is dead...
    I'll check on youtube.