December 01, 2009


Officially, Third Ear Band split in 1993, after the recording of their last album, "Brain Waves" (Materiali Sonori). Even if Glen Sweeney, Mick Carter and Lyn Dobson was interested to play music again, the group definitively disbanded just when Glen Sweeney had three heart attacks in one year and was recovered at The Royal Star & Garter Home, a residential hospital in Richmond .

From that year, TEB's followers around the world are looking for new stuffs (audio, video...) for a more precise reconstruction of the band's history.
This archive, in spite of my poor English, will try to offer new things about TEB with contributions of those who loves their wonderful music and the help of Carolyn Looker (Sweneey's missus), Mick Carter, Lyn Dobson and who played in the Band...

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