December 17, 2009

How many TEB unrealized tracks left?

About the charming matter on how many/which TEB unrealized tracks are still around, I try here a recognition by cathegories: 


from "Alchemy" recording sessions (December 1968): 
a) "Raga in D" 
Recorded by Sweeney, Minns, Coff and Cartland 
This track is from Paul Minn's personal archive

from "The Dragon Wakes" recording sessions (February 1971)
b) "Raga #1"
(read and download the track at the page of this archive)
c) "Air" (different version from 1970 track) - 7.31
d) "Mini Mac" - 4.21
e) "Ghoo" (a.k.a. "Eternity in D") - 3.58
(read and download the track at the page of this archive) 
f) "Game Six" - 2.34
g) "Discrimination" - 6.39
h) "Fire" (different version from 1970 track) - 3.06
i) "Mistress to the Sun" 
Recorded by Sweeney, Minns, Buckmaster and Bridges 
Track b) from Paul Minn's personal archive; tracks c-h) from Denim Bridges' personal archive; track i) originally recorded as a planned single but refused by record company: probably cancelled or in E.M.I.'s vaults

"Necromancer Suite" (October  1989)
A long instrumental suite (about 50') recorded by Sweeney, Carter, Dobson and Black as reharsal for "Magic Music"

"Magic Music" recording sessions (March-May 1990) 
The whole record was initially recorded by Sweeney, Minns, Carter and Smith with the different title "Spirits" (or "Magic") and re-recorded in a second time (November 1989) with Dobson instead Smith. This is the original track-list:
1. "Reading the Runes" (7.22) 2. "Exorcism" (9.00) 3. "Behind the Pyramids" (7.51) 4. "New Age Raga" (12.22) 5. "Witches Dance" (7.20)

from "Brain Waves" recording sessions (March 1991): 
l) "Song of Gaia" 
Recorded by Sweeney, Carter, Black and Pilcher
All "Brain Waves" tracks was firstly recorded by this line-up as Elektric Third Ear Band. In a second time, during 1991, the album was re-recorded with Dobson instead of Pilcher. Another alternate track recorded with Pilcher, "Raga of the Winds" (then "Sirocco Song" in "Brain Waves"), is been included in a Materiali Sonori sampler with the magazine "Sonora" (issue 2/91)

As reported by Ken Garner in his "The Peel Sessions" book (BBC Books, UK 2007 - see at - thanks to Pooka!

January 1th, 1969 - "Night Ride"
TEB (Sweeney, Minns, Coff, Cartland) played "The Grove", "Stones Circle", "Egyptian Book of the Dead", "Pierrot"
July 27th, 1969 - "Top Gear"
TEB (Sweeney, Minns, Coff, Cartland) played  "Hyde Park Raga", "Druid", "Ghetto Raga"
(read at the page and at the page of this archive)
June 12th, 1970 - "Black"
"Earth", "Downbone Raga", "Water (& Festival)" 
June 20th, 1970 - "Top Gear" 
TEB (Sweeney, Minns, Coff, Smith) played "Downbone Raga", "Feel Your Head", "Hyde Park Raga"

February 11th, 1972 - "Peel Session"
TEB (Bridges, Pavli, Marchant, House) played "Air" and "I The Key" 
March 21th, 1972 - "Drummond"
TEB played "Groan's Dance", "Fleance's Song", "Hierophant"
May 18th, 1973 - "Sequence"
TEB played "I The Key", "The Magus", "Ten Dimensional Landscape"

Those 1970-1971 radio and TV recordings, probably cancelled but maybe recorded by some listeners/fans at that time: 

April 24th, 1970 - Essen TV 
May 20th, 1970 - BBC "Sound of Seventies" 
June 18th, 1970 - BBC "Sound of Seventies"
TEB (Sweeney, Minns, Coff and Smith) played "Dog Evil" ("Mosaic"), "The Sea" (a.k.a. "Air") and "Water"
(read and download the tracks at the page of this archive)

November 18th, 1970 - Bordeaux TV program 
November 23th, 1970 - Paris TV program
January 7th, 1971 - "John Peel's Sunday Show" 

Every contribute to this will be very appreciate...

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  1. Aaaargh! This is like showing a starving man a photograph of a pie! ;-)

  2. from Ken garner BBC Sessions these are the listed songs:
    Night Ride 1/1/69: The Grove, Stone Circle, Egyptian Book Of The Dead, Pierrot (Sweeney, Coff, Minns, Cartland)
    Top Gear 27/7/69: Hyde Park Raga, Druid, Ghetto Raga
    Black 12/6/70: Earth, Downbone Raga, Water (& Festival) (Ursula Smith repl. Cartland)
    Top Gear 20/6/70: Downbone Raga, Feel Your Head, Hyde Park Raga
    Peel 11/2/72: Air, I The Key (w. Bridges, House, Marchant, Pavli)
    Drummond 21/3/72: Groan's Dance, Fleance's Song, Hierophant
    Sequence 18/5/73: I The Key, The Magus, Ten Dimensional Landscape

    hope it helps!

  3. Thanks a lot Pooka! Do you know if that sessions was recorded and archived in BBC vaults? Any other details?
    Anyway, I'll update the post...

  4. No, sorry Luca, no idea. Only thing I could add is that it wouldn't be unlikely one of more of these tracks could surface on some BBC Transcription Discs, like Top Of The Pops or Pick of the pops for your d.j. I see many oscure non hit groups had tracks on these elusive albums