December 04, 2009

"New Forecasts from the Third Ear Almanac" available for some days on the Web has been blocked!

Just in these days, thanks to abuses of the Web, you could get the rare recording of "New Forecasts from the Third Ear Almanac", a limited edition official tape (not a bootleg!) produced in Italy by A.D.N. Records of Milan in 1989: it is the complete concert TEB played at Teatro Impavidi of Sarzana (SP) on January 11th, 1989 during the second Italian tour - "The Peanuts Tour" as Sweeney loved to call it because the scarce moneys gotten. That concert, done in a beautiful tiny theatre by a great line-up (Sweeney, Carter, Dobson and Smith), was managed by a young and kind TEB fan, Luca Iani: you can see here the original concert poster (in Italian: "The return of a legend"...). 

This is the concert track-list:
 1. "Egyptian Book of the Dead" (10.05)
2. "Third Ear Raga" (14.05)
3. "Live Ghosts" (12.50)
4. "Witches Dance" (10.00)

About the tape cover: it was mine the idea to use a Mario Balestrieri's work for the cover. Balestrieri is an old artist, he's living in Cremona, my smalltown. During that second tour the band stay here for some days, having a day off concert in a small club in Piacenza (a videotape of it does exist...). 

 After some days to download the gig at the address: 
the link has been blocked because "suspected to contain illegal content "...
©2009 Luca Ferrari


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  2. Hi Luca, great idea to create this blog.
    That was a great concert, too bad the mp3s have been removed.I have the original ADN tape.
    I saw the concert in Genova a few days later. I remember we shared a few words with Glen who really seemed a nice guy.
    Keep up the good work, best wishes.

  3. Can you reupload this elsewhere?