September 18, 2010

Original John Peel sessions still available in the BBC vaults but...

Thanks to Steve Pank, original TEB promoter and driver, and Ursula Smith's husband, we're trying to investigate with the BBC Radio if old TEB live radio recordings are still available.
Steve contacted Eleanor Fleetham of BBC Written Archives Centre and got this kind answer:

"Dear Mr Pank, 
thank you for your call earlier regarding your wife's contribution to the John Peel Show as part of the Third Ear Band. 
Because we are the Written Archives Centre we don't have audio or video copies of programmes (we have all the written material).
As Ursula Smith was a contributor to the show she would be able to apply for copies of the broadcast via the contributor access application process (I expect this was the form you mentioned). 
The website is here: 
which explains the terms of the application process and the actual form is available here: 
(choose 'new application' from the drop down box and it should guide you through the process. 
You can also contact the Contributor Access Team via mail at BBC Information, Contributor Access Service, PO Box 1922, Glasgow, G2 3WT or alternatively you can telephone them at 0370 333 8998. Please bear in mind there is likely to be a charge for copies of the programme.
I hope that helps, please let me know should you have any other queries. 
Kind Regards, 

The great John Peel.
Because it's clear that the broadcasts are available for original TEB members or their families only, I've asked Steve what Ursula intends to do. He has explained me that "Ursula has no immediate plans to buy the archive recordings, I used her name to get the information about applying for archive material. As you see, if they still have the tapes, the charge is around £60 per programme".
Anyway, even if Ursula would decide to get them, all the broadcasts would be under the BBC copyright. So we couldn't edit them through the Net... but it would be important to know which TEB's recordings are still in BBC vaults: as reported in another file of this archive the sessions known (informations based on Ken Garner's "The Peel Sessions" book, edited by BBC in 2001) are: 

-January 1st, 1969 - "Night Ride"
TEB (Sweeney, Minns, Coff, Cartland) played "The Grove""Stones Circle""Egyptian Book of the Dead""Pierrot"
-July 27th, 1969 - "Top Gear"
TEB (Sweeney, Minns, Coff, Smith) played  "Hyde Park Raga""Druid""Ghetto Raga"
(Note: this session is available in the Net by free non-official download)
-June 12th, 1970 - "Black"
"Earth", "Downbone Raga", "Water (& Festival)" 
-June 20th, 1970 - "Top Gear" 
TEB (Sweeney, Minns, Coff, Smith) played "Downbone Raga", "Feel Your Head", "Hyde Park Raga"
-February 11th, 1972 - "Peel Session"
TEB (Bridges, Pavli, Marchant, House) played "Air" and "I The Key" 
- March 21th, 1972 - "Drummond"
TEB played "Groan's Dance""Fleance's Song""Hierophant"
- May 18th, 1973 - "Sequence"
TEB played "I The Key""The Magus""Ten Dimensional Landscape"

From some sources (first of all the Paul Minns' diary) we know also TEB recorded live in other BBC radio programs:
- May 20th, 1970 - BBC "Sound of Seventies"  
-June 18th, 1970 - BBC "Sound of Seventies" 
TEB played "Dog Evil" ("Mosaic"), "The Sea" (a.k.a. "Air") and "Water"
(Note: this session is available through the page of this archive)
-January 7th, 1971 - BBC "John Peel's Sunday Show" 
TEB (Sweeney, Minns, Bridges, Buckmaster) played "Eternity in D", "Druid", "Water"
(Note: this session is available in the Net by  free non-official download)

Then, the following 1970-1971 TV recordings have been probably cancelled but maybe recorded by some listeners/fans at that time: 
- April 24th, 1970 - Essen TV 
- November 18th, 1970 - Bordeaux TV program 
- November 23th, 1970 - Paris TV program 
(file updated October 2nd, 2010)
no©2010 Luca Ferrari


  1. Be warned! The July 1969 Session you can download from Amazon is just a rip of stuff you get free elsewhere - the quality is no better & you don't get part two of Ghetto Raga!

  2. Where can we get part two of Ghetto Raga, and also the track "The Sea"?

  3. Th Sea can be heard here:

  4. I've just realised that URSULA SMITH plays cello as URSULA PANK in various contexts, including a very rare session with PETER BELLAMY and DOLLY COLLINS from 1982. This is 'The Maritime England Suite' which never saw official release, but such was Bellamy's passion that he sold home produced cassettes at his gigs, one of which I have.

    There's a thought - how many TEB fans dig the singulare genius of Peter Bellamy? One woukld have thought quite a few!

    PS - that YouTube is actually WATER; S.E.A (as I have it) is actually a version of AIR!

  5. Right, Sedayne. That's Ursula. I'll have soon a real expanded interview with her and I hope to clear many things about her obscure musical career...
    Bellamy was a tremendous genius even for me, and it's a great pity he passed away so young!
    About "The Sea", I didn't have a knowledge of it, but listening to it one realizes it's just "Water" (but The Sea is full of Water, isn't it so?). I don't know anything about "S.E.A."... What kind of version od "Air" is it?

  6. It's from live In Concert, 1970, and utterly astonishing, along with a near definitive MOSAIC (as DOG EVIL) (& WATER, as featured as SEA in Will's YouTube film). If you haven't got it I'll post it up somewhen although I did think it was available on a blog someplace but could be wrong!

  7. I've tried to get it somewhere, but I don't it. So if you could send me the concert I'd be very glad to listen to.

  8. Okay - I've uploaded 4 MP3 files onto YouSendIt which be there for SEVEN DAYS (or 100 downloads!). Maybe Luca can fix them up on the blog here for permanent access??

    These are :

    GHETTO RAGA PART 2 21.7.69

    DOG EVIL (MOSAIC) 1970

    SEA (AIR) 1970

    WATER 1970

    I'm guessing these three are the Sounds of the 70s broadcast from June 12th. As I say DOG EVIL & SEA are pretty special (to say the least) so if you haven't heard these you're in for a treat!


  9. This is marvellous. Thankyou everso much! At last, some more TEB bootlegs - I managed to download the rarities compilation hosted here

    a few months ago, but I assumed that was the only vintage unreleased TEB in circulation. Sedayne, from your comments on that blog, do you have a better quality version of the "In Concert" from 1971? If so, could you post it too? I downloaded the "New Forecasts" tape from Italy 1989 at around the same time, but the Rapidshare link has now been deleted. I will try and find time to re-up that one myself at some point in the next day or so - it's a fantastic concert, much better than "Live Ghosts" IMHO. Thanks again to everybody finding and posting this ultra-rare stuff.

  10. Ok, thanks a lot. Three great tracks! I'll put soon them in Rapidshare for everyone interested. Just a thing about the source: in my radio recordings list at the June 12th, 1970 TEB played on the programme "Black" a different track-list. We know also TEB played at "Sound of Seventies" later, on June 18th.
    So how can clear these dubts?