September 24, 2010

"Which kind of drums played Glen Sweeney?"... An Italian radio tribute to the TEB.

On last September 11th Italian radio has dedicated the second of two episodes to the Third Ear Band story with original music from "Alchemy" ("Stone Circle") and "Elements" (all the four tracks).
Introduced by Fulvio Savagnone, the music was spaced out by brief excerpts of the band's biography with few and superficial analysis of the musical structures and instruments ("which kind of drums played Glen Sweeney?", asked the journalist...).
As often it happens in this our poor country, the truth of facts it's just partial & altered: who made the reunion of the band in the Eighties? For Savagnone, just Materiali Sonori...
Anyway, you can listen to this infrequent tribute at the podcasts one) and (part two)
(all in Italian language, of course).

no©2010 Luca Ferrari

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