June 02, 2010

Glen Sweeney interviewed himself in 1991 talking about the Hydrogen Jukebox!

This is a very exclusive document, an unrealised interview made by Glen Sweeney to himself in 1991 to give me informations for writing down an article on the Hydrogen Jukebox, just before Materiali Sonori realised "Prophecies".

Glen had the idea to record at home on an old Dindy Super C46 tape (!) some questions to answer by  himself. The thing was quite funny and we joked for some weeks talking about it...
So you can listen (& download) now to his husky unique voice at
talking about the Hydrogen Jukebox and the strange meeting with his old friend Barry Edgar Pilcher...

The Dindy Super C46 tape.

Thanks to this "auto-interview" I wrote a stuff for Italian rock magazine "Rockerilla", trying to reveal another little TEB mistery...

no©2010 Luca Ferrari


  1. Thanks for that, Luca - Only eleven minutes, but priceless anyway.

    Does anyone know the venue TEB played at their Durham gig on June 23rd 1971??

    All the best - Sean

  2. Thanks Sean. In the future I will put some other unrealised stuffs... for example, the first rehearsals in 1988...
    About Durham, I knew the date from the Paul Minns diary... but you mean you've got a tape from that?

  3. Cheers, Luca.

    I once spoke to someone who was there, but they couldn't remember where it was. They said it wasac so loud & horrible they didn't hang around long & went back to his flat & listened to Alchemy on an expensive Hi-Fi! I imagine it was a university gig, most likely in Dunelm House (where Don Cherry once smiled at me...) but in my heart I have more rural location in one of the outlying colleges.

    What I wouldn't give for a tape of that gig!