June 29, 2010

One of the first quotations on book about TEB.

Probably the first book on pop music edited in Italy, "Guida alla musica pop" ("Guide to Pop Music"), translation of German "Das Buch  der neuen Pop Musik" written by journalist Rolf-Urlich Kaiser (1971 the Italian edition edited by Mondadori; 1969 the German one edited by  Econ; also a Spanish edition was printed the first time in 1972...), contains some few notes about the Third Ear Band.

A short file card on the group with this interesting recollection of Glen Sweeney related to the origins of band's music:
"The prototype Third Ear was electric, and we were doing what we called "electric acid raga" - which was terribly pretentious, and in fact was the most diabolic thing you ever heard in your life... After that, most of our equipment was stolen, and we found ourself with just oboe, violin and hand drums - and we were really depressed, we thought it was the end really... we're all interested in music - the other three guys are out of classical music colleges - and we do a lot  of listening and a lot of talking about it and we've got a basic theory that music, or sound or whatever you like to call it, came a long time before musical notation... and working along that theory we found that Western notation is a kind of symbolism which has been evolved in order to kind of measure the music...".

After a slim discography (only the first two albums, of course...), just an address (for a possible contact?):
Blackhill Enterprises 
32, Alexander Street, London W2
phone: 01-22957148

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