June 12, 2010

An old Glen Sweeney interview published in a Brazilian book!

Brazilian DJ and journalist Fabio Massari did an interview by telephone with Glen Sweeney in 1991. He transmitted the interview during his programme "Rock Report" with some edited TEB tracks (probably for the first time in Brazil!).
Now that interview is included in a book titled "Emissoes Noturnas. Cadernos radiofonicos de fm" ("Nocturnal Emissions. A FM radio album") published by Grinta Cultural in 2003.

In the short interview, talking about the origins of TEB, Sweeney admitted his delusion for the scarce result of "Macbeth" soundtrack. 
He said: "The album was an our big commercial opportunity. We had a great expectation, but the distribution was terrible... as for the film as for the record. We did play some concerts to promote it, but we lose some of our energy... we had economic problems and we were sad about negative results".

About the new album recorded for Materiali Sonori, "Magic Music", Sweeney explained that "a music is magic because it doesn't exist, it hasn't a concrete form. So the voice... It's all very subjective, so it's magic".
"Are TEB playing "world music"?" - asked the journalist.
"It's cosmic music! It's music of the universe. It embraces all cultures, we mix all kind of references - Africans, Indians... We play every kind of mixture...".

The 152 pages book, among the others, also includes interviews with great musicians/bands as Nick Cave, Sonic Youth, Ramones, Henry Rollins, Wayne Kramer, Ozric Tentacles.
A copy can be ordered writing to the author at fmassar@hotmail.com

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