June 15, 2010

Brief memories of Jim Haynes about the Arts Lab and the TEB.

I have contacted Jim Haynes to interview him about the Arts Lab and the Thirds. He was agreed with it ("Yes, you may interview me about the TEB, but I am afraid that I have very little to say. My memory of events in those far away days is extremely limited..."),  but when I sent him some specific questions, he answered just this:

Barry Miles (left) and Jim Haynes in a recent photo.

"Luca, The Arts Lab was a product of its time. 
I was young and full of creative energy and believed that I could do anything. I wanted to make a mixed-media centre that would be full of life. And I succeeded! 
London was the capital of the world in the mid-60s. 
I don't remember how I met anyone in the 60s; they just all came to the Arts Lab and I suddenly knew everyone. I loved their concerts. They were magic. Often only candle light. 
We closed the Lab because I ran out of money and the landlord wanted his property back. 
Sorry I do not remember more... 

Jim Haynes is a key-figure of the Sixties English (European) underground. Info and news about him at his personal Web site (http://www.jim-haynes.com/).

His autobiographical "Thanks for coming!", published in 1984 by Faber & Faber, is a funny reading, really important to understand the climax of that time...

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