May 31, 2010

A lecture on the Third Ear Band at Pelago (Florence) on next July.

On next Sunday 4th, July at "On the Road Festival" in Pelago (near Florence) Luca Ferrari will do a lecture about the Third Ear Band with the title: "The Third Ear Band: the utopia of a sound with no limits in the music-ware Age. Minor story of a dream choked by the popular discography".
In that occasion it'll be possible to listen to some excerpts from the unrealised "The Dragon Wakes", recorded by Electric Third Ear Band in February 1971.


  1. What about doing one in England,With guests etc!
    Well I can only dream!

  2. We could do it... We could try to arrange it... Probably I will come to London in the second half of July and I'll talk with Carolyn about it!

  3. That would be fantastic!