May 18, 2010

A contact with Steve Pank, original TEB road manager.

Thanks to Dave Tomlin I’ve got a contact with Steve Pank, original promoter and driver of Third Ear Band, hausband of cellist Ursula Smith.
Here’s a kind letter from him that preludes a proper interview to come.

"Hi Luca,
its good to hear from you, I heard of you from Carolyn, and from Glen when he was around, and more recently from Dave Tomlin. I had a quick look at the website and it looks really good.
I got to know Glen from answering an ad in the 'Melody Maker' musicweekly, a few years before he formed the Third Ear Band. At the time Glen was playing free Jazz [mid 1960s] and his group then was called Sounds Nova - it is mentioned in the sleeve notes for 'The Magus' which I wrote under the name Steve Barker, a name I use on line.
I also have a small piece about the early history which I wrote for Carolyn to read to Glen in the later stages of his illness.
I promoted the Third Ear Band in the early days in All Saints Hall, and then became the driver for two years till the early 70s also helping with promoting.
I have recently been in touch with Richard Coff who as you probably know, runs a successful Suzuki Violin school in Miami.
I mentioned your email to Ursula and she is quite happy to be interviewed as am I.
I heard somewhere that you were interested in getting archive material from EMI.
In my opinion the best archive will be in the vaults of the BBC mostly recorded for the John Peel Show. They might be easier to negotiate with than EMI and I am sure that Richard, Ursula or Carolyn would support you in getting hold of the tapes for reissue.
I was there for most of the early epic appearances, in Hyde Park with both the Floyd and the Stones, with Bob Dylan at the Isle of Wight, in the Albert hall, with John and Yoko and the concerts in the Queen Elizabeth and Festival Halls.
Being involved with the Third Ear Band was an important part of my life and it is pleasing to that you are reviving interest in their work...
Good wishes.
Steve Pank".

no©2010 Luca Ferrari

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