May 11, 2010

Swiss underground filmaker Clemens Klopfenstein used Third Ear Band music in 1979 for his b/w film "Geschichte der Nacht".

After the famous Roman Polanski's "Macbeth" and the less-known Werner Herzog's "Fata Morgana" (read at - thanks to the reader 'Spirito Bono' I've discovered that a Swiss underground filmmaker - Clemens Klopfenstein (b. 1944) - used Third Ear Band music in 1979 for his b/w film "Geschichte der Nacht" (Story of Night).

As journalist Chris Auty ("Programme Note London Film Co-op") writes, "It's a black-and-white record of European cities in the dark (2-5am), from Basle to Belfast. Quiet, and meditative, what ermerges most strongly is an eerie sense of city landscapes as deserted film sets, in which the desolate architecture overwhelms any sense of reality." 

"The only reassurance that we are not in some endless machine-Metropolis is the shadow of daytime activity: a juggernaut plunging through a darkened village, a plague of small birds in the predawn light. The whole thing is underscored by a beautiful 'composed' soundtrack, from quietly humming stretlamps to reggae and the rumble of armoured cars in Belfast. A strange and remarkable combination of dream, documentary and science-fiction".

You can watch this intriguing film (about 61 minutes) for free at
TEB music is just at the end, from minute 54...

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