February 19, 2010

Two very rare 1970 TEB photos in a moralistic context.

Two very rare photos from the "Third Ear band" recording sessions in  Abbey Road Studio 2, probably taken in April 1970.
Famous Italian magazine "Domenica del Corriere" published them that year inside a report about drugs and youth culture.
The captions say:

"This man in a Civil War uniform is called Glen Sweeney and he’s the drummer of The Third Ear Band, made up of him, cellist Ursula Smith, violinist Richard Coff and oboist Paul Minns. The four musicians have recorded a suite in four movements titled “Air, Water, Fire and Earth”."
And under a photo of Richard Coff:
"One TEB’s member is listening to a recording while he’s rolling an hashish cigarette. Drugs is one of the big evil of English youth world and Pop music’s".
A great rare document... even if in a moralistic context...

no©2010 Luca Ferrari

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