February 17, 2010

The favourite Giant Sun Trolley song.

According Glen Sweeney (1996), Giant Sun Trolley favourite piece, this song - composed by Dave Tomlin - had played and sung during various open air happenings in 1967 and on several appearances at the UFO Club, in London.

Song For the Sun Trolley

We are standing on
our own horizon
paths that lead this way
by pass yesterday

It's made more or less
out of nothingness
but that does not mean
it cannot be seen

There's no reason why
we should have to lie
if the sea runs dry
we can drink the sky

Atom fuse and share
Aphrodite's hair
she and Hermes run
followed by the sun

If the sun and moon
should doubt
I am sure
they would soon go out.
©1967 Dave Tomlin

no©2010 Luca Ferrari

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