February 03, 2010

Some other Italian TEB’s little nephews…

Again about the TEB as a source of inspiration for bands and artists: in the Seventies, Italian groups as Aktuala (especially for the album titled “La Terra”, published by Bla Bla Records in 1974) 

or experimentalist as Franco Battiato (listen to “Da Oriente a Occidente” in his third LP “Sulle Corde di Aries”, Cramps 1973), took the TEB intuitions to conjugate Eastern classical music (Raga) with folk and contemporary avant-garde sounds (from Penderecki to Miles Davis’“Britches Brew”, from Terry Riley to Ravi Shankar…). Another unknown Italian artist was Lino Capra Vaccino, an important musician got the TEB flavour expecially with the album "Antico Adagio" (Musicando 1978), where the tune with the same title is perfectly TEBish....
More recently, 
almost unknown musicians/groups as like Zeit (two wonderful ethnic records published in 1979-1980 by Materiali Sonori, the best one is "Il Cerchio degli Antichi Colori") or Stefano Giannotti (check his huge production at http://www.stefanogiannotti.com/).
About Fabio Zuffanti, I’ve already written on a recent post (http://ghettoraga.blogspot.com/2010/02/italian-musician-fabio-zuffanti-demixed.html)... 

Another very interesting Italian artist is Alberto Morelli, a composer, pianist and polinstrumentalist who formed & played with ethnic band Dissoi Logoi (three great albums from “Da Occidente a Oriente”, 1993, to “III”, 2001 – some free downloads at http://www.dissoilogoi.com/), Tangatamanu (a mini-LP in 2005) and Ear&Now (listen fabulous “ffrr”, 2003, and “Eclipse”, 2008, with a clear reference to TEB in “Third Ear Dance”…!) or eclectic Francesco Paladino who recorded a TEBish album with Sean Breadin (Sedayne) titled “Musica Fiuto” in 2005 (Hic Sunt Leones, the label). 

From the link http://www.musichevirtuali.org/music/marchein/index.html you can get a free download of "Baby a", an amazing Marco Lucchi's 1982 composition with some samplers in, among them a strongly manipulated excerpt of TEB’s original “Stone Circle”…

(Update on  May 15th, 2011)

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  1. I would add Canzionere del Lazio to the list,with records like "Spirito Bono" or "Morra".