February 24, 2010

Third Ear Band rehearsaled at the squatted Cambodian Embassy in London during the late Eighties.

As every serious fan knows, Third Ear Band used the squatted Cambodian Embassy to rehearsal at least two times - in July-August 1988, just before the first Italian tour, and in November 1989 for a new Italian tour scheduled for next December, then cancelled because Sweeney's personal problems. 
You can see here a sequence of unpublished photos of the TEB (taken by Carolyn Looker) playing at the Embassy in November 1989:

TEB at the Cambodian Embassy (L-R: Dobson, Carter, Sweeney, Allen) Photo: Carolyn Looker

Maybe it's interesting to know that, inspired by the story of the squatted Embassy, Dave Tomlin wrote an interesting trilogy  titled "Tales from the Embassy" - "a non-fiction book; a true story about a group of hippy artists in the ‘70s who squat the abandoned Cambodian embassy and turn it into a Transcultural centre for Art" (according the same Tomlin). 

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  1. I thoroughly recommend everyone who reads extracts from Dave's books gets in touch with him and buys them. I found them to be a fascinating account of a life on the margins, and I return to them periodically.

  2. Right, Andy. A very intriguing account...