December 25, 2018

A little gift for Xmas: the Ghettoraga Archive Youtube channel.

A little gift for Xmas time dedicated to the Third Ear Band fans: here's the Ghettoraga Archive Youtube channel with old and unreleased (rough) videos of the band. Click on the Youtube logo on your right and go to the channel's dashboard.

The last upload is a short excerpt from the first gig Third Ear Band played in Italy on September 8th, 1988 at S. Agostino's Cloister in Bergamo. From that concert, Materiali Sonori produced the album "Live Ghosts".
Filmed by Francesco Paolo Paladino just for his own pleasure, this is a 15 minutes excerpt of "More Mosaic" played by Glen Sweeney, Mick Carter, Paul Minns and Allen Samuel.

Soon here the full concert the band played in Piacenza at Circolo Tuxedo in 1989 recently documented on the CD "Spirits".  

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