August 14, 2016

TEB gig in Piacenza will be published in September/October 2016.

After checking the TEB audio tape recorded on January 14th, 1989 in Piacenza, Gonzo Multimedia approved the next prodution.
Titled "Spirits", the CD will be published in September, with a cover/booklet designed by Martin Cook and the sounds engineered by John Hughes.
The booklet has been written by Luca Chino Ferrari and Francesco Paolo Paladino, who shot the original video in 1989.
The about one hour concert was played by the same line-up of "New Forecasts of the Third Ear Almanac" (Sweeney, Carter, Smith and Dobson) and it will be some great surprises for all the fans... 

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  1. Great! But what about the video...?

    1. The original video has a very poor quality, so we can't use it. Anyway, there's an idea to make a proper official video of the Band with some old and more recent footages... We will see...

  2. Thanks, in the meantime I got in contact with Francesco too, on facebook...