July 08, 2013

The same old useless sampler on the so-called "Progressive Rock"...


The Market tries desperately to sell his by now Jurassic punched disks. The last attempt to save itself from the forthcoming crash is this useless 5-CDs E.M.I. box sampler about the so-called "Progressive Rock" titled "Prog Rocks!" (very pristine title!).
Published on last March, we have 5 CDs with tracks taken from glorious 70's English labels as Harvest, Liberty, Charisma, Virgin and from InsideOut.
The little surprise is that on volume 1 there's also a track played by our Third Ear Band, the omnipresent "Fleance".
But is it so essential to have "five discs celebrating five legendary progressive rock labels" as the title states?
I've got my answer. What about yours?

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