June 22, 2013

TEB's 1989 concert at the London Club Dog available for free downloading in the Net!

Thanks a meritorious blog called "Head Duster" we can get for free downloading the full concert TEB played at the London Club Dog "one chilly December night" of 1989.
Apart the bad introduction of the band taken from the Web (where the TEB "was originated from Canterbury"...!?), the blog's editor writes: "This tape was recorded at Club Dog @ the Sir George Robey pub, Finsbury Park, London on 15th December 1989 (the very gig on the flyer above). There are seven tunes included here, I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with the band to identify them. (Recording notes - 2xPZM microphones above rear of audience>cassette deck>chrome cassette>> cassette deck > PC > sound editor > spliced@41m10secs > 320kbps .mp3)".
As reported in December 2009 here (http://ghettoraga.blogspot.it/2009/12/tebs-tape-recordings-at-london-british.html) actually the tracks played that night was eight:
1. "Druid One" (Sweeney - Minns - Coff)
2. "Sun Ra Raga" (Sweeney - Carter - Black - Dobson)
3. "Live Ghosts" (Sweeney - Minns - Carter - Samuel)
4. "Solstice Song" (Sweeney - Carter - Black - Dobson)
5. "Behind the pyramids" (Sweeney - Carter - Black - Dobson)
6. "Book of the dead" (Sweeney - Minns - Coff)
7. improvisation 

8. "Third Ear Raga" (Sweeney - Carter - Black - Dobson)

The TEB line-up was:
Glen Sweeney – hand drums
Lyn Dobson – sax and flute
Mick Carter – electric guitar and effects 

Allen Samuel – violin

The original recording is available at the British Library - 96, Euston Road - St. Pancras - London NW1 2DB.

Get the concert at: 

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  1. Is this the one where Lynn Dobson comments on Glen tuning his drums? A classic...

    Hey, Luca - listening to Madcap this morning I remembered a rumour from around 1978/79 that Glen Sweeney played drums on Late Night. I think it came from one of the London improvisers - but I forget who...

    1. Yes Sedayne, it's the same recordings... Quite good quality indeed... About "Late Night", I can exclude that rumour because I talked very much to Glen about the London psychedelic scene and Barrett ("Have you ever met him?"...) but the only thing he could remember was Syd being the founder of the Pink Floyd went mad because LSD! Then, because I was reasearching much on him for a biography, I didn't have any clues about Glen playing drums for Madcap... Anyway, you know, everything's possible in Rock ephemera's... so it could be possible...

  2. PS: Here's us live in Leicester with a Third Eerie Long Lankin...


  3. PPS - I'm not for one moment suggesting he did of course, just reporting on a bit of 'folklore' - although listening to the track now you can detect the Sweeney Influence!

    1. I'm agreed, the drums could be typical of Glen in some way, and because the track was produced in the first beginning just by Peter Jenner it could be possible Sweeney was involved in the session... But these are just conjectures...