July 12, 2013

Third Ear Band quoted on a magazine about the great late Claudio Rocchi...

The recent unexpected death of Claudio Rocchi at 62, a great Italian musician played some wonderful music in the '70's in some way inspired by the Third Ear Band (i.e. "Viaggio", "Volo Magico n.1" and "Volo Magico n. 2", recorded from 1970 to 1972), has led various tributes on Italian magazines: one of these on the weekly music magazine "XL" written by Andrea Silenzi about that music played and recorded in the Seventies in Italy by musicians as him, Franco Battiato, Osanna, Aktuala, Alan Sorrenti... The journalist also quotes the TEB in a section dedicated to Aktuala.

Even if in Italian, you can read it at http://xl.repubblica.it/articoli/claudio-rocchi-e-i-suoi-fratelli/3998/ and listen to some excerpts of very good music...

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  1. Check this out:


  2. I did know it, Sedayne, in December 2011 I talked about it here at http://ghettoraga.blogspot.it/2011/12/did-italian-avantgarde-composer-luciano.html
    Anyway, thanks.

  3. And check this one also :

    Spirito Bono (nickname obviously borrowed from this record)

  4. Great tune, I did know it. Some years ago, while I was writing a book on Italian contemporary folk revival,I had a contact with Carlo Siliotto, a very clever and original composer not so much appreciated by the establishment (as for many things here in Italy...). Unfortunately I did miss to ask him something about his relations with the TEB's experience...