October 15, 2011

New Third Ear Band DVD update.

About the new TEB DVD titled "The Lost Broadcasts" recently announced at the page http://ghettoraga.blogspot.com/2011/09/lost-teb-video-brodcasts-out-in-october.html you can contact GONZO MULTIMEDIA (http://www.gonzomultimedia.co.uk)
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English Gonzo Multimedia has in its catalogue many other interesting videos with rare broadcasts of Incredible String Band, David Allen & Gong, The Byrds, Edgar Broughton Band, Hawkwind...

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  1. Mine arrived this morning! It's awesome,Can't
    belive that TEB FOOTAGE EXISTS AFTER ALL THESE YEARS! Anybody any idea who plays congas on this? Def not Ben!

  2. At the moment my copy is not arrived, so I haven't watched the footages and read the notes... Anyway the congas player is still a sort of mistery hard to die... Someone says is Ben Cartland, someone else Dave Tomlin (even if Dave states he never played live with he Band...).
    The only person who could help us is Denim Bridges and I'll try to ask him...

  3. Hi Luca
    The sleeve notes have him down as an unidentified conga player,All I can tell is that he's black and wearing sunglasses!Anyway it is a superb DVD and a must have for any TEB fan!
    Regards Will

  4. Thanks for the infos. Just yesterday I've written to Denim Bridges to ask him to try to recall who was the player... I hope he can tell us something more...
    Would you like to write a review of the DVD for the archive?

  5. Hi Luca,
    That would be an honour and a privilege!
    I'll have a think!
    P.S. I have some TEB articles I have collected ,Interested?

  6. Yes, of course (for the articles). About the review, please don't think too much... but do it!

  7. Mine's just arrived!! I'm breaking the No TV in Daylight rule. God - this really is too much, man.. And yes, the conga player is most definately not Ben Cartland or Dave Tomlin - looks like the guy who played The Overseer in Sun Ra's Space is the Place movie..

    In D has strong echoes of Bitches Brew, but Miles was heavily influenced by Buckmaster too, so who knows what was going on??

    I love the confusion over DRUID and DAVID - this obviously comes from the typeface used, wher the R looks like an A and the U looks like V but I think I'll adopt the name David Grocking. Minns's oboe entry here is staggering - and Denim's playing solid. But Minns is touching something pretty deep.

    And contrary to Sweeney's claim BOTH necks of Denim's double-whammy guitar seem to be in perfect working order!

  8. PS - If I recall rightm this isn't the first time DRUID has been mistaken for DAVID. I've got a laconic John Peel In Concert intro someplace in which he slights his secretary for making the same error...

    And then some say JESUS of the house of DAVID came to GLASTONBURY to become a DRUID. Listening to this music I can well believe it. Maybe his secret initiate name was David Grocking?? Afrter all in the Urban Dixctionary we read that GROKKING is:

    'One who has graduated from penultimate hipster status, the educated hobo embodies various attributes from all walks of life, including those of the hipster, nerd, and mountain man variety. The educated hobo can oftentimes be seen grokking about. There can only be one educated hobo in existence.'

    I'm cool with that!

  9. PPS - The 'Joss Stick' version of Hyde Park isn't included here. Or am I missing a trick???

  10. Thanks for all, Sean. My copy is not coming at the moment, so I can't gloss your comments. If you want to write down a review of the DVD you know you're welcome!

  11. I'll leave the review up to Will! Did you know he's got an oboe? And he's a member of Six of One (I think). I reckon he & I should do a Third Ear jam at Portmeirion one day. Will on oboe, me on violin, Rapunzel on drum... Any willing cellists out there????

  12. No, I didn't know it... It would be great a meeting of you playing TEBish music somewhere... Maybe in a sort of "TEB-Day" managed in London with Carolyn, Lyn Dobson, Mick Carter, Denim Bridges, Ursula & Steve Pank, Dave Tomlin, Simon House, Clive Kingsley, Richard Coff (?!), Mel Davis... A meeting with lectures, music, videos... some bands inspired by the Thirds, an exhibition of posters, tickets... Just a dream?

  13. A dream? I played with Mel Davis once - back in 1978 in a free improv session when he was part of Evan's All Weather Orchestra which also featured Paul Jolly - The People Band in all but name!

    Otherwise we (Rapunzel & Sedayne) are doing a London gig on Dec 3rd (at the Kit & Cutter Club) and our Third Ear inspired take on True Thomas can be heard on the October fRoots Radio playlist:


  14. Hey Luca, if you manage to organize such a meeting in London let me know in advance, I'd like to be there!
    I'm also anxiuously waiting to receive my copy of the dvd...

  15. I published some stills of this video on facebook TEB's fan page and I received a comment by a guy from London called Napo Camassa (a musician himself also known as Zenlo) who knew Glen and says the conga player is the session man Gaspar (or Gasper) Lawall. According to a search on the internet Gaspar is a nigerian musician who also recorded some albums of his own. Have a look here: http://www.allmusic.com/album/kadar-r293294 I think it might really be him!

  16. ..one more thing I just learned about Gaspar (or Gasper...)Lawall: he also played with the Rolling Stones at the famous Hyde Park concert, so this might be where the TEB met him: http://permanentcondition.blogspot.com/2007/01/gasper-lawal-ajomas-abiosunni.html